Celebrate a World of Flavors

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March is National Nutrition Month, a yearly campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dieticians. The campaign encourages everyone to learn more about making nutritious food choices and developing healthy eating and physical activity habits.

The National Nutrition Month theme for 2022 is Celebrate a World of Flavors. This month celebrate flavors from cultures around the world while also nourishing the body and appreciating diversity. It’s a great time to expand your tastes by trying new foods.

I’m here to help you celebrate with a selection of vegan recipes inspired by different cultures.

Celebrate a World of Flavors

Celebrate a World of Flavors

Check out this round up of recipes. Click on each link for the recipe.

Asian Inspired

These Asian inspired dishes rely on lots of veggies for flavor and nutritional value. And the Thai Welcome Tea is a fun hot drink.

Cauliflower Fried Rice

Vegan Ramen Noodles

Nori Rolls with Spicy Tahini Sauce

Thai Welcome Tea

Celebrate a World of Flavors ramen
Celebrate a World of Flavors – vegan ramen noodles

Mexican Inspired

Add some spice to liven up flavors with these Mexican inspired recipes.

Mexican Bowl

Tortilla Soup

Six Easy Salsa Recipes

Best Vegan Chili Recipes

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos

Celebrate a World of Flavors tacos
Celebrate a World of Flavors – sweet potato and black bean tacos

Indian Inspire

I love curry recipes, savory with fragrant spices. Try one of these dishes inspired by India.

Madras Curried Lentils

Curried Chickpeas

Aloo Matar

Aloo Matar Soup

Sweet & Savory Curry

Celebrate a World of Flavors aloo matar soup
Celebrate a World of Flavors – Aloo Matar Soup

Middle Eastern Inspired

These easy hummus recipes bring a taste of the Middle East to your meals.

Black Bean Hummus

Easy Classic Hummus

Mediterranean Inspired

These tasty salads combines the flavors of chickpeas or pasta with fresh veggies.

Chickpea Salad

Gluten Free Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Celebrate a World of Flavors
Celebrate a World of Flavors – Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Hungarian Inspired

Try this vegan version of a classic dish that originates in Hungary.

Vegan and Gluten Free Goulash

Italian Inspired

From freshly made pesto to vegan lasagna, these recipes draw their inspiration from Italy.

Basil Pesto

Spinach Lasagna

British & Scottish Inspired

Vegan shepherd pie and haggis rely on lots of veggies and lentils for their rich flavors. And the sweet treats from Scotland are excellent with a cup of hot tea.

Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

Vegan Haggis

Rustic Shortbread Cookies

Healthy Blueberry Scone

Celebrate a World of Flavors shepherds pie
Celebrate a World of Flavors – shepherd’s pie

Additional Ways to Celebrate a World of Flavors

Enjoy celebrating all month with these activities:

  • visit cultural restaurants in your city to enjoy a variety of foods
  • study cultural food traditions
  • have a potluck dinner where everyone brings foods inspired by different countries
  • read nutrition books and look through cookbooks for recipes to try
  • create art inspired by your favorite cultural foods
  • have a family meal with your favorite cultural foods
  • create a recipe inspired by another culture
  • try a new cultural food
  • do a virtual cooking demonstration
  • donate food to a local food pantry or shelter
  • take a classic cultural recipe and give it a healthy twist

Favorite Cultural Meal

Did you find a new recipe to try this month, during National Nutrition Month? Which one will you try first? I hope you enjoy a variety of healthy foods in March to celebrate a world of flavors!

I’m always looking for new vegan recipes to try. If you have a favorite cultural meal that is vegan and preferably gluten free, share in the comments¬† below!

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