Prevent Skin Cancer

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May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month.

By raising awareness and sharing facts about the dangers associated with ultraviolet radiation exposure from the sun, the Skin Cancer Foundation hopes to save lives.

Fortunately, when caught early, skin cancer is one of the most treatable forms of cancer. With knowledge and awareness, we can prevent it.

Check out these skin cancer facts and ways to prevent the disease.

Prevent Skin Cancer title meme

Skin Cancer Facts

Skin cancer is the most common cancer, in the US and the world. Here’s what you need to know.

  • 1 in 5 Americans develop skin cancer by age 70
  • over age 50, more men than women develop melanoma
  • in the US, 9,500+ people receive a skin cancer diagnosis every day
  • 2+ people die of skin cancer every hour
  • 5 or more sunburns during a lifetime doubles the risk for melanoma
  • just 1 blistering sunburn during childhood or adolescence more than doubles a person’s chances of developing skin cancer later in life
  • early detection of skin cancer results in a 99% survival rate of 5 or more years
  • there are more skin cancer diagnoses yearly than all other cancers combined
  • ultraviolet radiation (UV) is a proven carcinogen and the leading cause of skin cancer
  • UV tanning devices reclassified to Class II moderate to high risk for skin cancer, in 2014
  • indoor tanning devices can emit 10 to 15 times more UV radiation than the sun at peak intensity
  • the more one uses indoor tanning devices, the higher the risk for skin cancer
  • overexposure to the sun causes 90% of skin aging
  • using a SPF 15+ sunscreen results in 24% less skin damage
Prevent Skin Cancer 1 in 5
Prevent skin cancer – 1 in 5 develop skin cancer by age 70

Skin Cancer Prevention

The good news is, skin cancer is preventable. It’s important to know that the sun reaches you even when you think you are avoiding it. UV radiation penetrates cloud cover and glass and bounces off of sand, snow and water. Additionally, sun damage accumulates over the years from simple daily activities such as walking outside, riding in the car, collecting the mail and playing outdoors with the kids.

Practice these tips to protect yourself.

  • seek shade between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm when sun is most intense. Note: during the morning or evening hours, 10 minutes of sunlight is good for our health.
  • don’t get sunburned
  • never use tanning devices such as tanning beds
  • cover skin with loose fitting clothes, a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses
  • use a broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15+ sunscreen daily
  • for extended outdoor activities, use a water resistant SPF 30+ sunscreen
  • apply 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) of sunscreen over the entire body 30 minutes before going outdoors. Reapply every two hours or after swimming or excessive sweating.
  • keep newborn babies out of the sun. Apply sunscreen to babies six months old and older
  • examine skin from head to toe, including the scalp and hairline, once a month
  • see something new, unusual or changing on your skin? Get checked immediately.
Prevent Skin Cancer water
Prevent skin cancer – reapply sunscreen after swimming

Foods That Help Prevent Skin Cancer

There’s growing evidence that highly nutritious foods can help prevent skin cancer. It’s simple, really. Eat as healthily as you can, including foods that are rich in antioxidants.

UV exposure generates unstable free radicals that create inflammation in the body. Those free radicals also damage cells and the skin’s DNA. DNA damage causes changes genetically, resulting in mutations that lead to skin cancer.

Antioxidants fight free radicals, preventing inflammation and cell damage. While supplements are helpful when nutrient rich foods aren’t available, for the best protection against free radicals, eat your nutrition.

Include the following antioxidant nutrients:

Beta Carotene

This nutrient, found in orange fruits and veggies, converts to vitamin A in the body. Not only does beta carotene help prevent skin cancer, it boosts the immune system too.

  • carrots
  • squash
  • sweet potatoes
  • cantaloupe
  • apricots
  • mangoes


This is the red pigment found in certain foods. Studies discovered that people eating foods rich in lycopene experienced 40% less sunburns. It also lowers the risks of other cancers besides skin cancer.

  • tomatoes, including tomato products such as tomato paste or sauce
  • red, orange and yellow peppers
  • watermelon
  • guava
  • papaya
  • apricots
  • pink grapefruit
  • Cara Cara oranges and blood oranges

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3s inhibit a chemical called COX-2 that causes skin cancers to grow. They also reduce inflammation.

  • chia seeds
  • Brussels sprouts
  • algal oil – derived from algae
  • hemp seeds
  • walnuts
  • flaxseed


Drinking green tea helps prevent skin cancer due to its powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties. Polyphenols in green tea repair DNA in sun exposed skin, reducing cell damage.


This nutrient lowers the risk of all types of cancers and decreases cancer deaths.

  • Brazil nuts
  • cashews
  • brown rice
  • lentils and legumes
  • grains
  • spinach

Vitamin C

This vitamin helps calm inflammation and contains properties that make it toxic to cancer cells.

  • citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, oranges
  • berries such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries
  • leafy greens
  • broccoli
  • green peppers

Vitamin E

A proven antioxidant, vitamin E helps to prevent damage from free radicals, absorbs energy from UV light and contains potent anti-inflammatory properties. It also improves the skin’s ability to act as a protective barrier.

  • almonds and other nuts
  • sunflower seeds and other seeds
  • spinach


Zinc keeps the immune system healthy to effectively fight cancer. It also activates antioxidants in the body and increases the level of proteins involved in DNA repair.

  • legumes
  • hummus
  • chickpeas
  • lentils
  • black beans
Prevent Skin Cancer carrots
Prevent skin cancer – eat highly nutritious foods

Protect Your Skin This Summer

As summer approaches, inviting you to play and explore more outdoors, protect your skin with these simple tips. And stay aware of changes or any unusual spots on the skin.

Don’t become one of the 5 million cases of skin cancer diagnosed this year. Take care of your body and unite against this disease. Together we can save lives!

For more information, visit the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Prevent Skin Cancer sunglasses



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Eight Fresh Salads

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May is not only National Salsa Month, it’s also National Salad Month.

As one who embraces a plant based lifestyle, salads are an important mainstay of my diet. However, get the idea of boring salads, with limp iceberg lettuce and tasteless store bought tomatoes, out of your mind. My diet is most definitely NOT boring. And my salads aren’t either!

Check out this round up of eight fresh salads and make one…or all of them…in celebration of this versatile and healthy dish. Simply click the title of each salad below, to go to the recipe.

Eight Fresh Salads title meme

Chopped Veggie Salad

For a highly nutritious salad that works as a stand alone meal or a side dish, you can’t go wrong with a big bowl of chopped veggie salad. Light on greens, this salad includes a wide assortment of chopped veggies from zucchini to chickpeas to red onions. In fact, I use whatever vegetables I have on hand, and top the whole thing with diced avocado.

This mix of veggies is so good…and good for me…that I frequently crave a chopped veggie salad. Top with a sugar free dressing or make your own salad dressing.

Eight Fresh Salads chopped veggies
Eight fresh salads – chopped veggie salad

Lentil, Pomegranate, Kamut Grain Spiced Sumac Salad

From my blogging friend Megan, and her blog Basil and Bay, comes this wonderfully filling salad. Megan combines an ancient grain, called kamut, with lentils, red onion, almonds, pomegranate seeds, dried fruit and pumpkin seeds. This delightful salad combines crunchy, chewy, sweet, and salty ingredients for the perfect balance of flavor.

I can’t wait to try this salad! It looks amazing. Visit Megan’s blog to see all that she offers.

Eight Fresh Salads lentil pomegranate
Eight fresh salads – lentil, pomegranate, kamut grain. Photo from Basil and Bay website.

Radish Cucumber Dill Salad

This simple salad says “summer time” to me. It’s a great way to use garden fresh produce. And any salad with dill in it is a favorite of mine! I grow dill in my garden and love snipping sprigs to include in salads and homemade salad dressings.

This salad is versatile as well. Combine tomatoes, cucumbers and dill. Or add thinly sliced red onion.

Eight Fresh Salads radish cucumber
Eight fresh salads – radish cucumber dill

Orange, Avocado and Green Olives

Although it sounds like an unlikely combination, this salad is delicious and one of my favorite lunches. It combines the flavors of sweet, citrusy Cara Cara oranges, creamy sliced avocado and pungent green olives. I typically add a navel orange to the mix as well, even though I am a Cara Cara orange fiend! Add a sprinkle of chopped cilantro for extra flavor.

Eight Fresh Salads orange avocado
Eight fresh salads – orange, avocado and green olives

Arugula, Potato and Asparagus Salad

From author and teacher Anthony William comes this wonderful salad full of healing foods. It combines asparagus, brussels sprouts, and potatoes with fresh leafy greens, herbs, onion, and a simple dressing. The result is a highly nutritious and delicious meal. Click title link to find the recipe. Or purchase Anthony’s recently updated and revised book Medical Medium, now full of healing recipes.

Eight Fresh Salads arugula potato
Eight fresh salad recipes – arugula, potato, asparagus salad. Photo from Medical Medium website

Vegan Waldorf Salad

One of my favorite salads as a child, I love the combination of juicy red grapes, crisp apples and crunchy celery and walnuts. What about the mayo though? I was a happy lady when I discovered vegan mayonnaise. Waldorf salad is back in my life!

This light salad makes a great lunch or side dish. Look for the vegan mayo in health conscious grocery stores.

Eight Fresh Salads vegan waldorf
Eight Fresh Salads – vegan waldorf salad

Persian Shirazi Salad

From my blogging friend Maya comes this quick and easy salad full of simple, wholesome ingredients, dressed with olive oil and lime. Maya shares that the salad, named for the city in southwestern Iran, is found on almost on every Iranian table at practically every meal.

I can see why! This salad combines cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, green bell peppers and herbs for a flavorful dish that serves as a main meal or a side dish. Check out the recipe and Maya’s blog, Stirring My Spicy Soul, for more salad recipes and other delicious dishes.

And use a high quality extra virgin olive oil for your salad, such as Nina’s Olivar Almeria Gold. I can highly recommend it. I just ordered another bottle.

Eight Fresh Salads persian
Eight fresh salads – Persian Shirazi Salad. Photo from Stirring My Spicy Soul website

Potato and Herb Salad

This summer favorite gets a healthy twist! I love potato salad. This version, from Anthony William, uses fresh herbs such as chives, parsley and dill. It is full of flavor without using sugar, dairy products or eggs.

Try it at your next family gathering. Or eat the whole salad yourself!

Eight Fresh Salads herbed potato salad
Eight fresh salads – herbed potato salad

Which Salad Will You Make?

Do you love all these fresh salads? I got hungry, just typing up this post. One of these salads is on the menu for lunch tomorrow!

I hope you’ve seen that salads do not have to be boring. They are one of the most versatile and easily prepared dishes. And the recipes are forgiving. Add ingredients or take some away and discover just how fun it is to come up with your own amazing salad recipes.

Which of these eight fresh salads will you make?

Eight Fresh Salads ultimate salad

Salad Fixings from Amazon:


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Ease Arthritis Pain

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May is National Arthritis Awareness Month. Its purpose is to bring attention to a condition that affects 350 million people worldwide and 50 million people in the US including 350,000 children.

Arthritis is also the primary cause of disability in the US, costing $156 billion annually in medical costs and lost wages.

In this post, find out what arthritis is and how to ease arthritis pain, naturally.

Ease Arthritis Pain title meme

What is Arthritis?

There are three types of arthritis, which is an inflammatory disease.

  • Osteoarthritis – the most common form of arthritis, it occurs when cartilage at the end of a bone wears down, exposing bone nerve fibers
  • Rheumatoid arthritis – an autoimmune disorder characterized by inflammation and pain in the joints. Over time the inflammation breaks down joint tissue, causing permanent damage.
  • Psoriatic arthritis – occurs in conjunction with psoriasis, causing pain and swelling in the joint along with the tendons and ligaments attached to bones.

Arthritis isn’t just a disorder for older adults. Juvenile arthritis affects children as young as one. And two thirds of all people with arthritis are under the age of 65. However, with advanced age comes a higher risk for developing arthritis. Half of all adults over the age of 65 experience pain and swelling in their joints.

There are many medications that doctors prescribe for arthritis inflammation and pain. And I’m not advising that you stop medication. These tips that ease arthritis pain…and also help with inflammation…are natural remedies to try along with your current treatments. You might even find that you can reduce medications or eliminate them entirely, under a physician’s care, of course.

Ease Arthritis Pain knees
Ease arthritis pain – my knees

Ease Arthritis Pain

I’ve dealt with my share of arthritis pain. A serious car accident in 1995, at age 38, twisted my neck vertebrae and lower spine, damaged my sternum and ribs and set off an inflammatory…and viral…response in my body that affected those injured areas and my legs for more than 20 years.

The following tips eased my pain by reducing inflammation and swelling in joints, tendons and ligaments. Plus I’ve added a few tips that I’ve come across since my healing.

Eat Foods that Fight Inflammation

Right at the top of the tips list, is this most crucial suggestion: eat more fresh fruits and veggies. After the accident, I suffered pain for 20+ years and saw countless doctors and specialists, trying all kinds of treatments without success. Not once did anyone suggest that I try changing my diet. Anthony William, aka the Medical Medium, quite literally saved my life and ended my suffering. How? By suggesting a plant based lifestyle, via his social media posts and books.

For a complete list of inflammation fighting foods, and more about how my inflammation hid an underlying cause for my pain, click HERE.

On the short list of inflammation fighting foods, include more berries, cherries, watermelon, celery, onions, leafy greens, garlic, herbs, cloves and olive oil.

Avoid GMO corn, wheat, rye, eggs, beef, coffee and milk, as these foods can create more inflammation in the body.

Ease Arthritis Pain - olive oil
Ease arthritis pain – olive oil. Try this wonderful, high quality olive oil. Check out my post about it, Nina’s Olivar Almeria Gold Olive Oil.

Wash Dishes by Hand

This tip may surprise you! However, washing dishes by hand eases stiff, painful finger joints by immersing them in hot water. Plus the motions of washing and gripping each plate or cup exercises the hands and fingers which helps with joint pain.

Manage Weight

Carrying excess weight puts stress on joints, especially the hips, knees and feet. Losing extra weight improves mobility, reduces pain and prevents damage to joints. Eating more fruits and veggies not only fights inflammation, it helps to shed extra pounds too.

Drink Herbal Teas

An easy way to include inflammation and pain easing herbs in the diet is through herbal teas.

The three best to ease arthritis pain include:

  • ginger tea – mimics NSAIDs which relieve arthritis discomfort by curbing pain causing chemicals that are part of the body’s inflammatory response. Simmer slices of fresh ginger for 15 minutes in two cups of boiling water or purchase ginger tea bags.
  • lavender tea – eases pain and soothes the body by helping it to relax. Plus inhaling lavender’s scent while you drink the tea eases pain further. Steep two teaspoons of dried lavender in a cup of hot water for 10 minutes. Or purchase lavender tea bags.
  • chamomile tea – this soothing tea helps ease arthritis pain in two ways. Drink a cup of hot chamomile tea to relax tense muscles, tendons and ligaments. And make a chamomile poultice. Brew four chamomile tea bags in a cup of hot water. Steep for 20 minutes. Remove tea bags. Soak a clean cloth in the tea, wring out and apply to achy joints.

I just received this amazing loose leaf lavender and chamomile tea that’s the perfect combo for easing arthritis pain! Watch for a future blog post featuring this delicious tea. You can order now, however, through this LINK.

Ease Arthritis Pain lavender chamomile tea
A perfect tea combo for arthritis pain – lavender and chamomile


Certain scents can alter the perception of pain. Lavender, mentioned above, reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which helps lessen pain.

Other helpful pain reducing scents include marjoram, rosemary and peppermint.

Inhale crushed fresh herbs or use essential oils in a diffuser.

Make Your Own Heat Pad

Fill a clean cotton sock with uncooked rice and seal with string or sew it closed. Microwave on high for 2 – 3 minutes. Cool slightly then place on sore, achy joints. This DIY heat pad will stay warm for about 30 minutes. Add dried lavender, marjoram, rosemary or peppermint to the rice, for a warm pad with the extra benefits of aromatherapy!

Hot/Cold Therapy

Fill a container with ice water and a second container with hot water, as hot as you can tolerate without burning skin.

Begin with immersing achy fingers or hands into the ice water for one minute then switch to the hot water for 30 seconds. Keep alternating between the cold and hot water, for 15 minutes. Finish with the ice water.

For larger joints such as knees or the back, use bags of frozen vegetables and the DIY heat pad above. Alternate between the frozen veggies for one minutes then the heat pad for 30 seconds, for 15 minutes.

Supplements that Ease Arthritis Pain

Take these supplements daily, to fight inflammation and ease pain:

  • ginger
  • turmeric
  • boswellia
  • bromelain
  • vitamin C
  • stinging nettle
  • vitamin D or 10 minutes of sunshine a day
  • vitamin E
  • cat’s claw

I personally take eight of those supplements and I can tell a difference when I miss taking them. I recently started taking a supplement called Comfort Guard that reduces pain and inflammation with a combo of turmeric, ginger and boswellia.

Click on photo for more info or to order. This supplement is so helpful!


Massage can help manage joint pain and relieve inflammation. Seek out an experienced massage therapist who knows a variety of modalities for easing pain, stiffness and joint swelling and tenderness. And an experienced energy worker helps tremendously as well.


Relaxation practices such as meditation, tai chi and yoga helps lower arthritis pain by lowering stress. And reducing stress also lowers inflammation.

Tai chi and yoga combine meditation with relaxation, breathing and movement, making them ideal for pain relief.


Incrediwear products increase blood flow to reduce inflammation and swelling. They also relieve pain and accelerate recovery. Rather than using compression, Incrediwear products incorporate semiconductor elements within the fabric that release negative ions when stimulated by body heat.

Those negative ions activate cellular vibrations that speed up blood flow. The increased circulation brings more oxygen and nutrients to the target area, which supports the body’s natural healing process.

The company sells sleeves and braces, socks and apparel. Incrediwear products are especially helpful when an arthritic knee, ankle or foot gets injured, setting off an inflammatory response. I own two of the sleeves, one for each knee!

Low Impact Exercise

Contrary to what one might think, exercise is helpful for easing arthritis pain, in several ways.

Low impact exercises such as walking, swimming, cycling, gardening and tai chi keep joints limber and flexible, strengthen muscles around the joints, offering more support, and help manage weight.

Find an exercise that you enjoy and stick with it.

I speak to myself here. Every time I travel, especially internationally, I spend hours a day walking as I explore the region I’m in. The first few days, my knees protest mightily with aches and pains and stiffness. However, by the fourth day, my knee joints loosen up, move easily and freely, and the pain disappears.

Such beneficial results encourage me to continue walking when I return home. I don’t spend hours a day exploring back in my own city though, so eventually, the daily walks cease. I’m determined to walk more.

Increase Wellbeing by Easing Pain

I hope these tips help with your achy joints.

While a few temporarily ease discomfort, most, when practiced consistently, eliminate inflammation and pain with it.

Low impact exercise, meditation, herbal teas, managing weight, taking supplements and eating foods that fight inflammation can provide long term results. I know. I’m pain free now, except when I injure myself and set off an inflammatory response. The good news is, I know how to handle such a response and restore health.

My desire is to live my best life. To do so, I require a healthy body and high energy. Knowing how to care for my body is a key part of my overall wellness.

Which tip is most helpful for you?

Ease Arthritis Pain meditation

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I am not a medical practitioner. I study health and wellness related topics and share experiences from my own personal healing journey.


Six Easy Vegan Salsa Recipes

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The month of May is National Salsa Month. And today happens to be Cinco de Mayo. It’s the perfect time to celebrate with freshly made salsa.

And not just any salsa.

These six easy vegan salsa recipes come together in a few minutes, using healthy, wholesome ingredients.

At your next gathering or for a cozy family night watching Netflix, delight the taste buds with one of these delicious salsas and a bowl of chips.

For each recipe, simply click on the title link below.

Six Easy Vegan Salsa Recipes title meme

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

This is my favorite snack salsa. It makes an excellent appetizer to put out while family members or guests wait for the main meal.

This flavorful salsa comes together quickly using canned black beans and canned non GMO corn. Add the chopped veggies and the juice of two limes and let it chill for at least an hour. As the flavors blend the taste skyrockets! Serve with non GMO tortilla chips.

Six Easy Salsa Recipes black bean and corn
Six Easy Vegan Salsa Recipes – black bean and corn

Fresh Tomato Salsa

This Pico de Gallo recipe comes from Happy Kitchen.Rocks. Pico de Gallo is a salsa made from fresh diced vegetables. This yummy salsa features fresh tomatoes, cilantro or parsley, garlic, onions and diced jalapeno. Scoop it up with chips or top a Mexican inspired veggie bowl.

Six Easy Vegan Salsa Recipes pico de gallo
Six Easy Vegan Salsa Recipes – pico de gallo (photo from Canva)

Pineapple Salsa with Lime and Cilantro

This salsa with a sweet pineapple twist is the perfect accompaniment for summer cookouts. From Vegan Heaven, this salsa includes fresh pineapple and bell peppers. Serve along with grilled veggies and vegan burgers or as a light meal on its own. And for fun, serve the salsa in a pineapple bowl!

Six Easy Vegan Salsa Recipes pinapple
Six Easy Vegan Salsa Recipes – pineapple (photo from Vegan Heaven)

Homemade Restaurant Style Salsa

Love the free chips and salsa served in restaurants? Now you can make your own restaurant style salsa at home and enjoy it any time. In 10 minutes this easy recipe from Aromatic Essence is ready to eat with chips. Or use this salsa in any recipe that calls for it.

Six Easy Vegan Salsa Recipes restaurant style
Six Easy Vegan Salsa Recipes – restaurant style (photo from Aromatic Essence)

Avocado Mango Salsa

This sweet yet tangy treat from Rainbow Plant Life is another fresh salsa that pairs well with grilled veggies and vegan burgers. Or serve it up with non GMO chips for a great anytime snack. Simply chop veggies, mango and avocado and combine.

Six Easy Vegan Salsa Recipes mango and avocado
Six Easy Vegan Salsa Recipes – mango and avocado (photo from Rainbow Plant Life)

Tomatillo Avocado Salsa Verde

This verde salsa uses roasted tomatillos and avocados for a full of flavor green salsa. The recipe from Wholesome Yum provides simple step by step instructions for roasting the veggies in the oven and then blending them all for a yummy snack served with chips or as a salad or veggie bowl topping.

Six Easy Vegan Salsa Recipes tomatillo avocado verde
Six Easy Vegan Salsa Recipes – tomatillo avocado verde salsa (photo from Wholesome Yum)

Celebrate National Salsa Month

I don’t know about you, but I’m now hungry for salsa!

Celebrate National Salsa Month for the next four weeks by trying a different salsa recipe every week. With the variety offered here, you won’t get tired of salsa. Then again, does anyone ever tire of salsa??

Whether you are grilling outdoors, looking for a quick and easy appetizer, feeding your family on meatless Taco Tuesday or setting out snacks for game night, there’s something for everyone and every occasion here.

And best of all, these healthy recipes are made from fresh, wholesome ingredients. You know exactly what’s in your salsa. And although you can select your favorite brand of tortilla chips, I highly recommend non GMO chips. Look for some of my favorite brands after the post.

Which salsa recipe will you try first?

Six Easy Vegan Salsa Recipes black bean and corn
Six Easy Vegan Salsa Recipes – black bean and corn

Salsa Finds from Amazon:



Journey With Healthy Me is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This affiliate program provides a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, all at no extra cost to you.