3 Years Plant Based

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I can’t let this month slip by without noting that July is an anniversary month for me. I am 3 years plant based. In July 2016 I made a decision that radically changed my life. What an amazing journey.

Read my first year update, to appreciate the many changes I have experienced.

Year 2 update is here, with more incredible healing.

And now, on to what 3 years plant based has brought.

3 Years Plant Based title meme

Healing During Year Three

The first two years plant based created dramatic changes in my health. With such remarkable changes, there is no way I’ll ever return to my old way of eating a typical American diet.

I continue my routine of lemon/lime water, celery juice and fruit smoothies in the mornings and veggies, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds for lunch, dinner and snacks. Water and herbal teas are my drinks of choice.

The health changes have not been as dramatic this year, as most of my ailments and chronic conditions have healed. However healing continues.

3 Years Plant Based DinnerA typical plant based meal.

Year Three Changes

  • hair continues to darken
  • healthier skin, nails and hair
  • discoloration on lips gone
  • ability to fight inflammation more quickly
  • greater awareness of what my body needs, for optimal health
  • greater awareness of what my body does NOT want or need
  • improved liver function
  • improved mental clarity and focus
  • greater flexibility

Still working on:

  • full range of motion in left knee
  • strength in both knees

The area that still requires further healing is around my left knee. I’ve fallen twice this year. The first time, in January, a grocery bag caught on the front door knob as I walked by, laden down with too many bags. I twisted my left knee badly as I fell into a nearby chair. The second time, three weeks ago, I slipped on a small puddle of water in the kitchen. I went completely down onto the floor, pinning my left leg beneath me.

This is what 3 years plant based has taught me though. I can quickly support my body by increasing inflammation fighting foods and herbs. Doing so restores mobility and eliminates pain. I am so grateful for the knowledge I’ve acquired, that helps me maintain optimal health and wellbeing.

3 Years Plant Based DillOne of my favorite herbs…dill.

Higher Awareness

What I’ve noticed most this past year is an increased awareness of several things.

Herbs and foraging for wild edibles is something I continue to learn about and enjoy. I grow many herbs in my garden that are wonderful for cooking and creating healing teas with. I have fun combining fresh herbs to make delicious tea blends.

Experiencing my own healing increases my compassion for others who are suffering. It has been my privilege to assist people who are hurting or looking for help with health challenges.

Greater opportunities for sharing my healing story appeared this year. My mother and I were included in Woman’s World Magazine in a feature about the healing power of celery juice. A second national magazine has contacted me about an article this fall.

I shared part of my journey as a guest on my first podcast. And I’ve done several interviews with other bloggers. I’m so grateful for these avenues that allow me to offer hope and healing to others.

And finally, beyond my healing and helping others heal, I have a greater awareness of the health of our planet. I’ve already reduced the use of chemicals in my home and garden. Recently I’ve begun eliminating one-use plastics from my life. This is an ongoing desire, to reduce waste and lessen the strain upon our resources.

In the same way that I must love myself before I can love others, I needed to heal myself before I could offer healing to others and to the earth.

3 Years Plant Based Honeysuckle TeaA delightful wild edible, honeysuckle tea provides many healing benefits.

To Continued Good Health

My healing journey continues. As I feel gratitude for improved health, I want to express thankfulness to Anthony William for guidance and to my family for supporting me as I heal. I deeply appreciate two people especially, as they have journeyed alongside me.

My mom is experiencing her own dramatic health shifts. We’ve shared many adventures along the way, learning and healing together.

And Greg makes my journey easier. His choice to become plant based as well encourages me and makes food and meal prep simpler. His health has improved greatly and continues to shift. I’m proud of him.

I’m thrilled to be 3 years plant based. It’s a lifestyle that I embrace with incredible joy. It’s become a tradition to snap an commemorative photo of my journey with Redbud Tree in my yard. We have both overcome so much. We’ve both become stronger. This year, the tree leafed out beautifully, creating a full canopy for the first time since the 2011 tornado. I feel so connected to this resilient tree. For the first time in many years, I feel beautifully whole. Redbud Tree and I are healthy.

3 Years Plant Based Cindy

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22 thoughts on “3 Years Plant Based”

  1. Thank you for sharing your healing journey. Anthony William is seriously a godsend. His info has helped me like no other doctor or health practitioner has. Brought back my sleep from years of insomnia and my RA no longer exists. How fortunate we are to have opened our minds to his healing protocols. All the best and may you continue to grow and heal.

  2. It takes a big commitment and a lot of strength to eat plant based and to stick to it. Congratulations on your three years. It’s amazing what foods do to your body. Most people are unaware that they can reverse illness and ailments simply by changing your diet. Food plays such a huge role in our lives and how we feel.

    1. So true! When I struggled health wise, not one doctor suggested a change in diet. It’s amazing the difference it makes.

  3. This was such a refreshing post to read, I really enjoyed it. I think it’s wonderful the journey that you’re going through and that you’re able to feel what your body wants or needs. To be so in tune with yourself is a rare but stupendous thing! Thank you for sharing.

  4. This is awesome!! I have been mostly plant based my entire life and attribute a lot of my health (never been truly sick, minus typical childhood stuff like chicken pox) to that diet. I’m not fully plant based right now (I still eat eggs), but I’m always so excited to read about people who’ve transformed their lives with a plant based diet. Thank you, truly, for sharing!!

  5. Congratulations on this important anniversary! I’m plant based, also and can’t imagine ever going back.

    1. Doesn’t the plant based lifestyle make such a difference in health?! No going back for me either.

  6. Congratulations on your 3-year plant based anniversary. I’m so glad you are seeing positive changes and wish you continued health!

    I’ve thought about switching to a plant-based diet but I don’t know if I have the strength or the commitment to see it through. 🙂

    1. I understand! It can seem hard to make a radical change in diet. My health was to the point of making me feel desperate. In light of my poor health, the change was easier.

  7. Congrats on making it 3 years! Glad you’re healing and feeling good. That’s a challenging diet I don’t think I could do

    1. Thank you! I cannot go back to my old way of eating or I’d feel bad again or at Id not feel my best. I’ve gotten used to eating this way and enjoy it actually!

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