Medical Medium Liver Rescue Cleanse

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I just completed a nine day liver detox, following the guidelines in the Liver Rescue book by Anthony William. For the last six months, my mother and sister and I met once a week to discuss the book and share a plant based meal together.

The book club and the cleanse have been amazing and healing experiences. I appreciate the insights and wisdom that Anthony shares and the compassion he offers to those who are chronically ill or in pain.

Today I share a brief review of Liver Rescue and a general overview of the liver rescue cleanse, known as the 3:6:9. For information about the cleanse and the importance of caring for the liver, please visit the Medical Medium website. His book Liver Rescue is available HERE or pick up a copy from your local library.

Medical Medium Liver Rescue Cleanse

Liver Rescue Review

This in-depth book focuses on one organ in the body…the liver. We can feel other organs and systems in the body working. The heart pumps, the lungs draw in air and expel it, the stomach rumbles when it’s hungry. We are aware of our brains, our bones and our skin, and we use our senses to perceive the world around us.

What we are very unaware of is how hard the liver works to keep the body healthy and functioning as it should.

This hefty book astounded me. The liver processes fats, stores glucose, glycogen, vitamins and minerals, disarms and detains harmful substances and filters and screens the blood. All of these functions, and more, are designed to protect the body from toxic matter and protect the pancreas from excess fat.

If we all consumed wholesome foods the liver and its functions would never enter our thoughts. We’d enjoy health and vitality, as we are meant to do. However, we don’t eat wholesome foods. The typical American diet is high in fats, sugar and additives. The liver stores those excesses, to protect the body from the negative effects of a poor diet.

Additionally, the liver harbors residue from years of pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals, plastics, gasoline, DDT, smoke, fumes, heavy metals…the list goes on and on. Viruses like to take up residence there too, to feed on all the toxins.

The liver stores all those substances for as long as it can. Like any storage container, eventually it runs out of space. As the liver struggles, it gets sluggish or fatty. And then we begin to get sick.

Medical Medium Liver Rescue Cleanse

My Thoughts on the Liver Rescue Book

By the time I reached the end of the book, where the cleanse is detailed, I felt wonder and appreciation for my hard working liver. I used to think that cirrhosis or a fatty liver or liver cancer signified an unhealthy liver. However so many of the ailments and symptoms we commonly have today are connected to the health of the liver.

Improving liver health is the key to healing many disorders including:

  • skin conditions, rashes, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea
  • adrenal problems, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, gout and heart palpitations
  • hormonal problems, mood struggles, rapid aging, brain fog and weight gain
  • high blood pressure, dirty blood and high cholesterol
  • bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, gut problems, food sensitivities and gallbladder infections

I’ve experienced some of these problems…and never connected them to my liver. And the liver/pancreas relationship interests me especially, as my father died of pancreatic cancer.

As I read the book, I not only developed respect for my liver and all that it does to keep me healthy, I felt compelled to ease its work load. I’ve been eating plant based for almost three years now. I’ve received much healing. It was time for me to focus on this little understood and under appreciated organ next.

The 3:6:9 liver rescue cleanse is purposefully placed at the end of the book. I felt ready to do the gentle cleanse, and give my liver a much needed healing break.

Medical Medium LIver Rescue Cleanse

Liver Rescue Mornings begin with hydration and easily assimilated nutrients.

Medical Medium Liver Rescue Cleanse

The Liver Rescue 3:6:9 Cleanse

Rather than giving a detailed description of the cleanse, I’ll share my experience of it. It’s important for everyone to read through the information in the rest of the book first, instead of jumping right into the cleanse.

The cleanse is divided into three sections.

Days 1 – 3

The first phase is gentle, prepping the liver to release the toxins it has stored. The focus is on hydration and fruits and vegetables. Fat intake is lowered and certain foods such as dairy and gluten avoided.

I found this phase to be very easy to comply with, as this is the way I eat anyway. Reducing fat intake meant I cut out avocadoes and my spoonful of organic peanut butter on gluten free crackers with afternoon tea. The only fat I consumed, during this phase, was a small amount of coconut oil on oven roasted potatoes.

I included two or three apples a day, for snacks. Apples are not my favorite fruit. However, I came to enjoy them very much during the cleanse.

Medical Medium Liver Rescue Cleanse

Afternoon tea during the liver rescue cleanse. And a typical meal during phase one: oven roasted potatoes, sautéed veggies and spinach.

Medical Medium Liver Rescue Cleanse

Days 4 – 6

The second phase is designed to allow the liver to begin cleansing itself. All fats are eliminated, giving the liver a break from processing and storing it. Raw and steamed vegetables are included that contain powerful liver purging compounds.

These three days revolve around very specific eating plans, designed to provide optimal nutrients that the body needs during a cleanse.

I did not experience any problems during this phase. The foods are wholesome and nutritious and I could eat as much of the specified foods as I desired. I confess I missed my potatoes a wee bit, however I could feel positive differences in my body already. Committed, I continued on.

Medical Medium Liver Rescue CleanseA meal during phase two: steamed Brussels sprouts and asparagus with a sprinkle of sea salt and pepper. A big liver rescue salad accompanied each lunch and dinner.

Days 7 – 9

The final phase enables the liver to purge itself of stored toxins. Days 7 and 8 are similar to the previous three, although potatoes make a welcome comeback on day 7 only. Day 9 is liquids in the form of juices and blended fruits.

I experienced low energy and a sense of unsettledness on day 7. As my liver purged, it seemed I could feel toxins being sent out for elimination. Suddenly all the liquids drank during the cleanse made sense!

By the next day I felt fine. My appetite steadily decreased throughout the cleanse and the specified foods during this final phase satisfied me completely. I didn’t mind the day of liquids at all. Fruit smoothies became my meals and between them I sipped on juice blends.

Medical Medium Liver Rescue Cleanse

After the Liver Rescue Cleanse

Today I did a mental and visual scan of my body. I felt cleaner and leaner and centered. I didn’t weigh before starting the cleanse. However I can tell I dropped weight, perhaps five or six pounds. I noted feelings of lightness and wholeness and wellbeing. My mind is clear and my energy level back up.

I continued the Liver Rescue Morning, with my lemon/lime water, celery juice and breakfast smoothie. That will always be a regular part of my day. I intend to continue other aspects of the cleanse as well, such as a second glass of lemon/lime water in the early evenings, and more apples for snacks.

I’d like to repeat days 4 – 9 once a month for several more months, to give my liver a chance to fully purge and heal. I’m in the process of eliminating chemicals and toxins from my life by switching to plant based cleaning products and toiletries. I can’t avoid every harmful substance out there, however I can be mindful and support my liver so that it can more easily do the many functions that it performs.

With my appetite low, I focused today on simple meals and plenty of fluids. And I prepared oven roasted potatoes, with a very small amount of coconut oil. They tasted marvelous.

My liver feels healthier and happier. And that makes me happy too.

Medical Medium LIver Rescue Cleanse

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Medical Medium Liver Rescue Cleanse



32 thoughts on “Medical Medium Liver Rescue Cleanse”

    1. Anthony’s books and the info he shares on Instagram completely turned around my health! I’d be in a wheelchair now. Instead I’m healthy and vibrant and enjoying life!

    2. Everything I’ve read from Anthony William makes total sense to me. I have begun some of his cleanses and do feel an increase in energy, so far. I know these recommendations and recipes can’t hurt me, they can only help. I truly expect that I will feel more than just a bit better once I really dive in

  1. I have all the books and honestly find it A little unclear on what to eat exactly and what to take. I have been searching the internet to find out a exact plan so I don’t have to take so much time to find out exactly what I should be consuming every meal. Thank you for your post as it clears a little of my confusion.

    1. I’m happy to help! Basically Anthony’s protocol is a plant based diet. No sugar, dairy, gluten, GMO products or eggs. Limited meat if desired. Lots of fruits and veggies. Healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, avocados. Brown rice or grains like quinoa.

      His book Liver Rescue has very good Supplement suggestions, with dosages, according to ailments. And there’s a Nine Day Liver Cleanse near the back of the book that details exactly what to eat during those nine days.

      For regular non-cleanse times, I start each day with lemon/lime water, celery juice and a fruit smoothie. Then I eat raw or cooked veggies for lunch. Fruit for snacks. And cooked veggies for dinner, sometimes with brown rice. There are lots of great vegan recipes out there!

      Please email me if you have other questions.

      1. I have his book Cleanse to Heal. I’m on day 7 of the cleanse. I don’t like the Spinach soup and wondering what my options are. Is the soup important, or is the Spinach important? Can I eat the Spinach plain – without blending it? Are all the ingredients important – or just the Spinach? I would appreciate any insight you have. I feel stuck on this.

        1. Yes if you don’t like the spinach soup eat it as a salad! The important thing is to eat spinach.

  2. I am on day 5 of the liver cleanse. I agree with you, days 1-3 were pretty easy. I am finding that I am not very hungry during yesterday or today, so I am eating less of the salad than I anticipated. I feel like I am healing and I have been losing weight. So far, a great experience!

  3. I too found your article very helpful. I’m struggling with the basics though. How much lemon to how much water? And I usually get canker sores from lemon water so is lime better? What is the celery juice recipe? I have the book and keep rereading but feel like I’m missing the basics. I see the recipe for liver rescue juice is that “the celery juice”? I’m experiencing anxiety and insomnia and don’t see those listed in book but feel like this will definitely help me and want to get started as soon as I clear on exactly what to do. Thank you for your help and support.

    1. Lime water is great too. You can squeeze a teaspoon or so of lime juice into a glass of water or I make a pitcher of it to keep in the fridge. I add the juice of one lemon and one lime to a large pitcher of water. You could add two limes. That lasts me several days.

      Celery juice – you juice one whole bunch of celery and drink that juice fresh. That’s it. Don’t add anything else to it. Just celery. One large bunch makes about 16 ounces of juice.

      Anthony addresses insomnia in Life Changing Foods. And anxiety throughout the books. I’d suggest that for now you focus on cleaning up your diet…lots of fruits and veggies, eliminate sugar, gluten, dairy and eggs and reduce or eliminate meat…and see how you feel. As my health improved I slept better!

      Let me know how you are doing!

  4. Hi, I appreciate your writing and sharing your journey of healing. You give me hope I can do it, too. I’ve been reading MM, but struggling (as did one person above) to sort out the good ideas from the ‘must do’ lists.
    I’m glad to see a concrete list of how to do the 3,6,9 in his Liver book, and am working my way toward starting it in a few days. I do struggle with trepidation, though, as I react with tongue blisters to all citrus fruits, and even the small amount of lemon a restaurant puts in a water glass can make me feel queasy. As well, I have always found apples a problem (along with all fruits with seeds except bananas and blueberries). If I eat even half an apple, I get a sharp ‘stomach’ pain (I’m not sure exactly what is hurting in the abdomen) that can last for hours. Sometimes cooked apples are better, but not always. Red are worse, green slightly better, but that’s at a half-apple dose!
    So, my question is, since you are more aware of all that MM has written, have you seen anywhere where he gives advice about how ‘else’ to get the same results with different substances? I’ll be very grateful if you reply, even if just to point me to how to find it, as I’ve struggled with his dense writing style. Thank you, Julie

    1. Thanks for writing! Sorry for my slow response. If certain foods bother you, start with what doesn’t, like bananas, and eliminate the foods Anthony suggests such as gluten, excess fats, eggs, sugar and red meat. Give your body a chance to adapt, recover and heal. Drink the celery juice because it’s SO good for the digestive system. Drink herbal teas such as lemon balm and peppermint. Eliminating the “no” foods is as important as eating the “yes” foods. Eat lots of the fruits and vegetables that you can tolerate and gradually try some of the others, in very small amounts. And let me know how you are doing!

  5. If cooked apples bother you less eat applesauce (without any additives). I found once I did 369 I no longer reacted to citrus.

  6. I am on day 8 of my second 3:6:9, finished my first one in January. Must say, the 6 – three days of LRSalad – was the most boring. I have struggled for 15 years w/thyroid, peri menopause, now menopause. I think it’s finally under control, without medication. I was a longtime vegetarian, turned meat eater on and off for 15 years, back to vegetarian, then found MM and became vegan October 1, 2019. Definitely feel better on vegan. Have been lemon water/celery juice fan every morning since then (other than traveling.) HOWEVER, this 3:6:9 is vastly different. First one I lost weight and felt “lighter.” This one has been nothing but headaches, bloat and constipation. What gives? I drink decaf coffee maybe once a week, but am so frustrated with bloat I’m having a half-caffeine coffee this am, in an effort to “flush.” Geez, 3 apples a day can’t clean me out? 😂 Since day 6, I have had to force feed myself, as I feel so full. I’ve looked on MM website, but issue not addressed during cleanse.

    Anyone experience severe bloat during 3:6:9?

    1. I have not experienced bloating on the cleanse. It is very possible that it’s your body’s way of detoxing and cleaning up. You didn’t have these experiences on the first 3:6:9 cleanse?

      1. Nope I did not. I stopped cleanse at day 8 1/2, I was so bloated I couldn’t get any more food in – sounds funny, but I was burping up food. And constipated – even with all that fiber! I’m a vegan and this had never happened to me before. This cleanse just did not work for me a second time.

  7. Hey there! Thank you for your helpful information. I am currently on day 3. I have a silly question but it’s making me crazy! I was making my kids lunch- pasta with a few “no” foods in the ingredients and I ate a noodle to test if they were ready, without thinking! I was so mad when I realized it! Should I be ok continuing on? Or should I start over with day one tomorrow? I feel like one noodle (eggs & wheat) shouldn’t derail me, but I want to make sure I do this the right way! Thoughts? Thank you :).

    1. It’s okay! Just continue on with the next day. It’s amazing isn’t it, how we do things without really thinking about it. Hope you are feeling the benefits already of this cleanse!

  8. Hi there,

    Wonderful post! I’m planning to start the cleanse tomorrow and noticed that in the 3,6,9 mid day snacks, and I’m wondering if I can combine fruits with the mid day snacks. MM mentions eating apples with dates. If I wish to eat a banana with those snacks, do I have to wait 30 mins before eating the banana? Or should it be fine to just eat the banana with the apples and dates?

  9. Hi,
    I want to try this diet plan for 9 days but I am already underweight. Is it a good idea for me to try?
    I have hashimoto and Lupus and want to give it a try.
    Thank you

    1. Yes it’s a good one. Just eat lots of the recommended foods. The cleanse isn’t to lose weight but to help the liver function better. I recommend Anthony’s book Medical Medium for help with hashimoto and lupus. In that book he shares foods and supplements that help heal those disorders.

  10. Hi, I am on my first day of the original 3-6-9 laid out in Anthony’s Cleanse to Heal book and I thought I remember reading that it is a no salt and seasonings diet. I also recall something about no oven baking or roasting. Is that all necessary for this cleanse?

  11. Hi there, thanks for the post. Was thinking about doing the cleanse but wondering if you can do the cleanse while on prescribed medication?

    1. Yes you can. Don’t stop your prescription meds. Try the cleanse and eat more fruits and veggies and see how your health shifts.

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