Health Benefits of Coconut

I’ve been aware of the benefits of coconut for some time, primarily through the use of coconut oil. I use coconut oil as a base for skin and hair care products that I make myself. In fact, I just made a batch of my skin serum today, that I’ve been using for years on my face, neck, chest and hands. Find my recipe HERE.

I’ve only recently discovered coconut water…yum…and the extraordinary healing powers found within this wild food.

Health Benefits of Coconut

In his book Life Changing Foods, Anthony William shares that the coconut enhances the power of everything it touches. When combined with any healing food, coconut supercharges it. For example, if coconut water is added to a smoothie that contains parsley, it increases parsley’s ability to remove unproductive acids from the body by 50% and dramatically improves the effects of parsley’s trace minerals.

When coconut meat is added to a salad, it enhances everything else in the salad…cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach…and their healing properties. Coconut drives a food to fulfill its highest purpose as it nourishes the body.

Health Benefits of Coconut

Coconut water provides important glucose and crucial mineral salts, including potassium and sodium, to the bloodstream. This is a fundamental component of neurotransmitter production. Without these chemicals we don’t sleep well and can experience insomnia, neurological sleep apnea and other sleep disturbances. To avoid these issues, drink coconut water.

Coconut water’s trace minerals and electrolytes nourish reproductive tissue. It also helps people with hypoglycemia, diabetes and blood disorders. Coconut water is crucial for those with over or under active adrenals as well as brain and neurological disorders. It benefits people with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other forms of dementia. And it prevents the onset of seizures and supports eye conditions.

Consume coconut water that is clear or very slightly tinged with pink, and avoid any that contain citric acid, natural flavors, or any kind of sweeteners.

Health Benefits of Coconut

Coconut meat and the oil derived from it is antipathogenic, antibacterial, antiviral and full of antioxidant properties. As coconut moves into the intestinal tract it kills off pathogens. Plus it helps to break loose fats and push them out of the body.

I occasionally use unsweetened shredded coconut in salads or to make a healthy sugar free treat. I keep cans of unsweetened coconut milk on hand, for recipes such as madras curried lentils and sauces. Coconut oil is great to cook with, however my favorite use for the oil is to create chemical free products. My strong intention is to increase the amount of coconut water that I drink and continue reaping the benefits that this power food offers.

Health Benefits of Coconut

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