These tiny fruits that resemble miniature peaches are BIG on flavor and health benefits. They are an amazing fruit for rejuvenating the body due to being high in amino acids such as cysteine and glutamine, and minerals such as selenium and magnesium. This super food is loaded with more than 40 trace minerals and phytochemical compounds that bind to toxins such DDT buried deeply within the body, lowering the risk of many cancers.


Apricots are a B12 enhancing food meaning they eliminate unhelpful elements in the digestive tract that get in the way of healthy B12 production. The skin of the apricot destroys mold, yeast, unneeded candida and other harmful fungus in the body, while the skin’s enzymes and coenzymes protect DNA.

Apricots reduce the gut’s production of ammonia, a destructive gas that can leach through the intestinal wall and cause problems throughout the body, from brain fog to dental issues. And apricots are an energy stabilizer that boost the growth of red blood cells, strengthening the heart and nourishing the brain. When the body’s energy reserves are low, apricots restore and replenish.

When fresh apricots are unavailable, dried apricots are a great alternative. Just make sure they are sulfur free. Dried apricots retain all their health benefits when dehydrated. The potassium level actually increases when this fruit is dried. (All info from Life Changing Foods by Anthony William.)

Apricots Dried sulfur free apricots are a golden brown color, instead of the bright orange of dried apricots that contain sulfur.


I like using dried sulfur free apricots to make Apricot Bars, an easy and nutritious snack that is naturally sweet and chewy with the crunch of almonds. They only have four ingredients. You can find the recipe HERE

Apricots have powerful healing properties, and offer emotional support as well. They open us up, and help to calm nervousness while regulating when we need to be guarded and when we need to drop our defenses. Apricots soothe any type frustrating situation. These amazing little fruits deliver huge results in a compact package!


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