Lobelia Herb

As a gardener, I have been familiar with a variety of the lobelia plant, known for its tiny attractive purplish blue or white flowers. I’ve planted it in containers in the backyard garden. When I read the chapter on the shingles virus, in Medical Medium by Anthony William, I learned that the plant, which is technically an herb, has health benefits as well. Anthony listed lobelia as a supplement to include, to fight the shingles virus. I ordered it immediately.

Lobelia Herb

Lobelia inflata, also called Indian tobacco, was originally used, many years ago, by people suffering from nicotine withdrawal. The herb’s health benefits include stimulating the respiratory system, relaxing and opening the lungs, and easing allergy and asthma symptoms and congestion. Lobelia has expectorant properties, making it useful as well for bronchitis.

As a diaphoretic, lobelia promotes perspiration, which may not sound like a benefit, but it helps to relieve fevers by cooling the skin and rids the body of toxins, while contributing to healthy blood circulation. Diaphoretics are useful in treating diarrhea, and liver and kidney disorders.

Lobelia Herb

Lobelia is also a powerful relaxant for smooth muscles and the nervous system, providing pain relief and easing spasms, especially in the respiratory system. And as I learned in the Medical Medium book, lobelia kills the shingles virus.

I was suffering greatly from severe sciatica when I began taking lobelia. The shingles virus had kept the nerves in both legs inflamed for years. I had tried everything to ease my discomfort. So there was no hesitation on my part in eliminating certain foods from my diet, and incorporating more fruits, veggies and supplements that targeted the virus, in an attempt to heal. I began feeling a difference in my legs in the first seven days. Within a few months the pain and inflammation had disappeared.

Lobelia is available in several forms, including capsule, tincture, dried loose leaf tea and powders. It’s also found in many over the counter cold remedies. I currently take it in capsule form, but I’d love to try it dried as a tea.

Steeping a small amount of lobelia leaves with sage, chamomile and peppermint would create a soothing and relaxing hot tea. And that would provide the perfect end to a busy day.

Lobelia Herb

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8 thoughts on “Lobelia Herb”

  1. I’m having a bad reaction to this. My skin and scalp burning as well as my privates
    Is there anything I can do? Been on fruits and vegetables over a month. I started with 6 drops 2 to 3 times a day two days ago

    1. Those are not typical side effects of lobelia. An overdose of this herb can cause nausea, vomiting, or dizziness. It doesn’t appear that you are taking too much. However, try cutting back the dosage or stop taking it completely and see how your body responds. Always listen to your body!

      1. After taking it for 6 days (in the form of a supplement with a few other herbs as well) to help with quitting smoking (8 days free) I too broke out in a rash on my arm, stomach and leg. Other than that I’m okay. I was hoping it would be gone by this morning but it’s not . I am not taking it today and will see what happens ! If it doesn’t subside by tonight maybe I will call the doc or pick up some cream or Benedryl? Thoughts would be appreciated thank you!

  2. I have shingles in my right shoulder, I believe. I’ve tried therapy, chiro, massage and the pain is still there! I also read in Medical Medium about Lobelia for shingles. I am using 20 drops in 2 oz of water, per the bottle’s directions. Is this too much? I also have some rash on my face along my nose and my eyelids are red and puffy. I use essential oils and it seems to keep the rash in check. Its not really itchy either! Can the lobelia tincture be used on my face? Full strenth? Do you use it on the skin, in general for shingles? Thanks for your help! I, too, have drinking celery juice and trying to fight it with foods, too! Thanks for your help!

    1. I’m so sorry about your shingles! I know from experience how painful they are. I take lobelia internally. I’ve never used the oil topically. It might be okay used with a carrier oil. Check about that first. Do you have Anthony’s book, Medical Medium? The followed the chapter on shingles, as far as what to eat, what to avoid and what supplements I take. My shingles cleared up fairly quickly.

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