Asparagus Soup

Friday I shared the many health benefits of asparagus. I picked up two bunches of fresh organic asparagus that day, so I could make soup over the weekend. That didn’t happen. However, I had the opportunity to try out the asparagus soup recipe today for lunch, which was perfect for Try This Tuesday! You can read about the health benefits of this vegetable HERE. Read on for the soup recipe.

Asparagus Soup

I’ve always liked asparagus. Prior to going plant based, I used spears from a can and covered them in cheese sauce. Only during the last 21 months have I bought asparagus in the produce section at the grocery store and discovered how good it is fresh. I initially added raw asparagus to salads or simply ate a couple of stalks for a healthy snack.

I was excited to see an asparagus soup recipe in Life Changing Foods by Anthony William. I’ve never eaten asparagus soup, much less attempted to make it. This recipe made it easy.

Asparagus Soup

Asparagus Soup

The complete start to finish process for this recipe was under 20 minutes, making asparagus soup a quick, healthy and delicious meal for lunch or dinner. Anthony suggests looking for thicker, fatter asparagus spears, as they tend to be the most nutritious. If skinny asparagus is all you can find, go with those. They still have nutritional value. I picked up organic asparagus at Natural Grocers.

I simmered the asparagus, onion and garlic for exactly seven minutes. I was surprised how tender the fresh asparagus was. I also used one small yellow onion instead of half of one.

Asparagus Soup

I carefully drained the water off of the cooked veggies and transferred them into my blender. After adding the remaining ingredients, I left the spout cover open on my Ninja Blender lid to let steam escape. On a regular blender lid, one edge could be left slightly raised. I wouldn’t recommend leaving the lid off entirely unless you want to clean up soup splatters! I purchased organic poultry seasoning, which is a nice blend of herbs and spices, at Natural Grocers.

The soup smelled wonderful as it was blending. I could have blended it longer, for an even creamier soup. I used a couple of raw asparagus tips for a garnish and added black pepper. I ended up with two generous servings.

This soup was amazing…thick, creamy and full of robust flavor. I’ll be making asparagus soup often. I love soups, even during warm weather. My intention is to always have a bunch of asparagus on hand in the fridge. Next up…asparagus juice!

Asparagus Soup

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  1. When I was growing up I remember walking through the orchards and around the hillsides with my family, hunting for asparagus, but as a kid I never understood the appeal. However, as an adult I can’t get enough of it. I even add a few stalks to my morning heavy metal detox smoothie. 🙂 yum!

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