I have added frozen papaya to morning smoothies, and enjoyed it thawed in fruit salads. However, I have never purchased a fresh papaya and prepared it at home, until this week. This squatty fruit, plain looking on the outside, with sweet tender fruit inside, is a powerful food, especially for those with digestive issues.

Papayas Food Friday

Papaya is the most easily digested food available. Anthony William shares, in Life Changing Foods, that each papaya contains hundreds of powerful digestive enzymes that support the pancreas, aid digestion and mend the walls of the intestinal tract, reducing inflammation and preventing the formation of scar tissue.

This fruit’s amino acids and enzymes help to repel viruses while enhancing the alkalinity inside the intestinal tract. For those suffering from any kind of stomach or intestinal disorder, papayas are a blessing. They reverse colitis, Crohn’s, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, diverticulitis, gastritis, gastric spasms, liver disease and pancreatitis. They also destroy unhealthy bacteria and parasites in the gut.

Papayas Food Friday

Additionally, papayas relieve constipation and they are soothing to the stomach when consumed after an illness or a time of fasting. Finally, papayas are great for the skin. This fruit has anti-wrinkle properties, due to its high content of vitamins, minerals and caratenoids. Besides creating a healthy glow, papayas help to clear up eczema, psoriasis and acne.

I decided to experience my first freshly prepared papaya by creating a papaya boat for dinner. The fruit, which has a mottled yellow skin when ripe, was extremely easy to cut in two. There are dark seeds within, that are edible. The spicy seeds are beneficial for eliminating parasites.

Papayas Food Friday

Using half the papaya, I scooped out the seeds, sampling a couple, and filled the center with thawed wild blueberries and freshly sliced strawberries. Dinner was ready!

This was a simple, delicious meal. The fruit of the papaya is reminiscent of cantaloupe, with a milder, sweeter flavor that I enjoyed. With every bite I took, I knew this humble fruit was bringing healing to my digestive system.

And this is important to me. I have had a lifetime of digestive problems. Drinking celery juice has helped me tremendously, easing a host of problems that I have suffered with since childhood. I know papaya is soothing and strengthening my stomach and intestinal tract even more. And it is crucial to me, that papaya supports the pancreas. I’ve lost my father and two friends to pancreatic cancer. I want to promote health and wellness in my pancreas and throughout my digestive system.

This fruit can do that for me. And right now, I have the other half of a papaya in the fridge, ready for me to enjoy.

Papayas Food Friday

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