Atlantic Sea Dulse

Although I think of Atlantic Sea Dulse as one of my supplements, in reality dulse is considered a wild food. It is a seaweed, and it is a very powerful food that rids the body of toxic heavy metals.

Atlantic Sea Dulse

According to Anthony William, author of Life Changing Foods, one of the reasons heavy metals can be so damaging to the body is because they are neuro-antagonists. They disrupt electrical nerve impulses and cause the nerves themselves to deteriorate. In the process, neurotransmitters burn out, which can create anxiety and depression.

Seaweed’s job, in the ocean, is to absorb toxic heavy metals, radiation and other toxins, and render them harmless. They sponge up poisons, deactivate them, and then release them back into the ocean in an inactive state.

When we consume Atlantic Sea Dulse, or Bladderwrack or kelp, that same sponge-like ability to absorb poisons works for us. Except, instead of releasing the toxins, pesticides, or radiation back into our bodies, the dulse lock on to the poisons and don’t release them, moving them out of the body instead.

The only thing dulse leaves behind in the body is nutrition. Dulse contains more than 50 health boosting minerals that nourish all the systems of the body.

Dulse helps bring healing during any type of illness. It reconstructs damaged DNA, aids the endocrine system by eliminating radiation, and provides active iodine to the thyroid to protect against viruses such as Epstein-Barr. It is also beneficial for bones, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue and teeth and helps with toxic metal induced illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, ADHD and brain fog.

I purchase Atlantic Sea Dulse dried, in flake form. I add a spoonful to morning smoothies. When combined with a banana, wild blueberries, cilantro, Hawaiian spirulina and barley grass juice powder it creates a powerful detox smoothie. I drink several of those a week. Last year, when I made two cross Atlantic flights, I drank detox smoothies every morning for 30 days prior to the trips. I didn’t experience restless legs syndrome at all, and haven’t since. Restless legs can be a symptom of having too much toxic heavy metals in the body.

Atlantic Sea Dulse

Dulse can also be added to rice, soups, veggies, nori rolls, or any other dish, for a health boost. It has been an ingredient in the healing broth Ive been consuming as part of the 90 Day Thyroid Rehab.

And I know you are wondering…does it have a fishy taste or a strong smell? The answer is, not at all! The scent is mild, and non-fishy. And I can’t taste it in my smoothies or broth. I’ve seen Anthony add dulse to his drinking water, on live videos. I want to try this!

Dulse has become an important part of my diet. Two years ago, I had never heard of it. Now, I regularly include it in my smoothies. Atlantic sea vegetables have a wonderful grounding effect on the body. I appreciate this remarkable food, and knowing that it is helping me to live a healthier life as it supports and grounds my body.

Atlantic Sea Dulse

You can order Atlantic Sea Dulse Flakes, or Life Changing Foods, by clicking the links below.

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2 thoughts on “Atlantic Sea Dulse”

  1. Dulse is one of those things I have the hardest time with. It goes in my Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie every morning, but I’m always adding extra citrus or ginger to mask the taste. I know my body needs it, I just wish it tasted a bit better =). I do find that extra ginger really helps though!

    1. Thanks for the input! I don’t mind the taste but it’s good to know that ginger helps, for those that do! Appreciate your post!

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