Zinc Sulfate

Like vitamin B12, most of us are deficient in zinc. I have learned this past year that a zinc deficiency is a trigger that allows viruses such as shingles and Epstein-Barr to take advantage of their host bodies, wreaking havoc.

Zinc bolsters the body’s immune system by strengthening the white blood cells so that they can seek out and destroy Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) cells. It suppresses viral growth in the body, reducing inflammation in the thyroid and shrinking nodules, tumors and cysts there. Zinc strengthens the thyroid while stabilizing the adrenals.

Zinc also lowers the body’s inflammatory reactions to the neurotoxins produced by the shingles virus.

Initially, on my healing journey, I focused on eliminating the shingles virus from my body, as it had attacked my sciatic nerves. I took zinc in capsule form, and along with the other supplements and foods that I included in my diet, I succeeded in healing my sciatic nerves and ending the pain that had plagued me for more than 22 years.

I’ve been reading Thyroid Healing, the third book by Anthony William, and my focus now is on eliminating EBV entirely. I am learning so much about the devastating impact on the body that Epstein-Barr has, as it moves through its stages. It affects the thyroid…and so many other systems of the body. I’ll be sharing more as I finish the book and embark on a 90 Day Thyroid Rehab plan to eliminate the virus and strengthen my thyroid and immune system.

Anthony recommends taking zinc sulfate in liquid form. It’s difficult to get enough zinc from foods. Anthony writes that this mineral is being depleted from the soil, due to the presence of high levels of toxic heavy metals. Even the best organic farms are missing zinc from their soil. Supplementing with a high quality liquid zinc sulfate is crucial to supporting the immune system and ridding the body of EBV.

As I complete my current bottle of zinc capsules, I will be switching to the liquid form, taken as drops under the tongue. I know this for sure…I will continue to take zinc until I feel that my body is virus, and symptom, free!

You can order zinc in liquid form below:

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