Saying HELLO to Healthy Me

It has been seven months since I switched to a plant based lifestyle and became very diligent about taking back my health. I was mindful of my healing journey as I showered this morning, checking in with myself as I assessed where I am right this moment. 

Because I was working in my creative studio this morning, after I stepped out of the shower, I felt inspired to wrap up in a beautiful sarong that I picked up on a trip to Phoenix. As the steamed over full length mirror cleared, I caught sight of myself. 

Hello, healthy you! I greeted myself. I was being silly. Yet instantly, my eyes filled with tears. 

Saying HELLO to Healthy Me

I looked at myself, not in a critical way as I used to, but with appreciation for the amazing changes that have occured in seven short months. I have clear skin, and a glow that emanates from within. I am smaller and more fit. Best of all, my pain level was at a ZERO. Swirling like a little girl in a frilly dress, I moved freely. No limp. No cane. So many ailments have disappeared completely. Most amazing of all, my sciatic nerves are no longer inflammed. 

I feel healthy, strong and fit. I feel good, creating a sense of euphoria. My journey will continue. Plant based is a lifestyle for me, not a diet. I am still clearing viruses and toxins from my body. As I do, my legs are regaining flexibility and strength. The muscles around my knees tighten up if I sit or sleep with my legs bent for too long, however, there is improvement every day. I feel healing continuing. 

Saying HELLO to Healthy Me
During my life, I have hidden so many aspects of myself. For years and years, I hid my intuitive side, confused by my ability to receive information in non traditional ways, afraid people would think I was a freak. I hid my voice and my thoughts, my ideas and my desires to create and grow and challenge myself, choosing to remain silent and play small. 

After the car accident 22 years ago, I hid the daily pain, and the increasing difficulty I had walking, until I could no longer deny it. I hid behind excess weight, and baggy clothes and oversized hoodies, and an I don’t care attitude. 

No more. 

My little impromptu photo shoot, after I figured out how to use the timer on my iphone, is a beautiful declaration that I am no longer hiding, no longer sick, no longer in pain, no longer silent. I love my healthy body and I am tuned in to what I need and what I don’t need. I am getting to know myself in fresh new ways, and I am so grateful for this journey and this opportunity. 

Hello, healthy me! I am so glad to know you.

Saying HELLO to Healthy Me

2 thoughts on “Saying HELLO to Healthy Me”

  1. I am so glad that your changes are working for you, Cindy. I agree that it is a lifestyle, not a “diet”, as “diets” don’t work over the long haul. Being healthy and happy – who could ask for anything more?

    1. That’s true Sandi, it is a lifestyle. This is a permanent change in the way I eat and take care of myself! I am healthy and happy. 😊

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