Hawaiian Spirulina

Today’s featured supplement was new to me when I began a plant based diet. Spirulina is a spiral shaped microalgae that grows naturally in the wild, in warm, fresh water lakes. Spirulina is also cultivated and harvested in man made reservoirs, such as those established in Hawaii. The algae’s blue green color gives the water in lakes or reservoirs a vivid greenish hue.

Hawaiian Spirulina

Spirulina, preferably from Hawaii, is considered a superfood, high in protein, minerals and vitamins such as B12 and K. This algae contains all the amino acids that are essential for health and it is a naturally rich source of iodine. It is also high in omega 3.

There are many health benefits associated with spirulina including reducing pain sensitivity, supporting the liver, relieving allergy symptoms and boosting energy and the immune system.

Hawaiian Spirulina Spirulina farms in Hawaii.

In his book Thyroid Healing, Anthony William recommends including this supplement because it is an incredible ally in rebuilding the central nervous system and it removes heavy metals such as mercury and toxic copper from the liver, reproductive system, intestinal tract, thyroid and brain. And eliminating these metals gets rid of some of the favorite fuels that the Epstein Barr virus feeds on.

Further, spirulina helps the thyroid by feeding healthy thyroid tissue, which has a restorative affect on the gland. And the algae’s iodine content acts as an antiseptic against EBV in the thyroid, reducing the viral load so it can heal. Spirulina can also reduce the growth of nodules, tumors and cysts on the thyroid, both cancerous and benign.

Hawaiian spirulina is available in capsule or powder form. I’ve taken both. However, I find the powdered form easy to include in my morning smoothies or smoothie bowls. I add a heaping teaspoon of the powder. It is virtually tasteless in my smoothie and because I also include wild blueberries with spirulina, the dark color doesn’t turn my drink green. The powder can be added to juices or stirred into water and consumed that way. There are intriguing recipes on Pinterest that show healthy treats such as spirulina coconut pie or ice cream.

However you prefer to take spirulina, include it daily to bring its amazing healing and protective properties into your life.

Hawaiian Spirulina

You can purchase Hawaiian spirulina at health food stores, health conscious grocery stores or by clicking the link below.

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Nettle Leaf

I first became aware of this plant as a youth. Brushing bare arms or legs against it could result in a temporary stinging sensation. Stinging nettles were something I learned to avoid. However, long before I switched to a plant based lifestyle, I discovered the surprising benefits of drinking nettle tea.

Nettle Leaf

This adaptogenic herb provides support for our bodies during times of stress. The leaves contain vast amounts of phytochemicals, anti-inflammatories and alkaloids. Nettle leaf is also full of bone building and bone protecting silica, 40+ trace minerals, and it contains a potent natural pain reliever.

This wild food, that many consider a weed, provides amazing support for the adrenal glands and the endocrine system that are often overburdened, overworked and fatigued. Adrenal fatigue can severely affect women in particular, causing reproductive system symptoms such as hormonal imbalance, infertility and perimenopause. The problem can be that the adrenals need help, rather than the reproductive system. Nettle helps to address multiple sources of hormone disruption.

Nettle Leaf

Nettle leaf eases infections in the urinary tract, bladder and kidneys, and fights against cystitis and reproductive cancers. It’s a powerful ally against viruses such as Epstein Barr and shingles, and helps the body to recover from rheumatoid arthritis, post traumatic stress disorders, autoimmune diseases, anxiety, depression and mood swings.

For the greatest benefit from this centering herb, use it in dried form to create tea. I buy dried nettle leaf by the ounce. It’s available in health food stores and health conscious grocery stores. Add a couple of teaspoons of dried nettle to a tea ball or mesh basket and drop into a tea cup or mug. Fill cup with boiling water, cover and steep for at least five minutes. Other dried herbs can be combined with nettle leaf, for unique blends. Raw organic honey or a squeeze of lemon can be added as well.

Nettle Leaf

I have gone from avoiding the plant to regularly drinking a cup of nettle tea during my afternoon tea time. The hot tea brings comfort and a sense of settling and centering to my busy mind.

Nettle brings that same sense of wellbeing to my body as it provides healing and restoration. When I’ve had a stressful day this is my go to herbal tea. I am extremely grateful for this incredible plant.

Nettle Leaf

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American Skullcap

Today’s featured supplement was unfamiliar to me, until recently. When my health mentor, Anthony William, shared a post about its benefits, I was eager to try it.

American Skullcap

American Skullcap is a hardy perennial herb, in the mint family. Scutellaria lateriflora, known as blue skullcap, mad dog skullcap, or simply skullcap, is native to North America. There is also a Chinese Skullcap, that has different properties. Be sure to purchase the American variety, for the health benefits discussed here.

This medicinal herb is helpful for relieving stress, depression, anxiety, headaches and exhaustion. It is healing to the central nervous system, and is especially beneficial in easing nerve pain, nervous tension, muscle spasms, twitches, tics and cramping muscles.

American Skullcap

Skullcap is helpful for those dealing with Parkinson’s, shingles, neuralgia, sciatica, migraines, PMS and menopause. It’s anti inflammatory properties help to stop histamine production, which can cause swelling and pain for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic sinusitis, asthma and fibromyalgia.

In addition, Skullcap helps to lower blood pressure, supports the cardiovascular system and promotes a good night’s sleep by easing insomnia.

American Skullcap can be taken as a capsule, tincture or in tea form. I take a capsule daily. This supplement is available in health food stores or you can click the link below and order it through Amazon.

This herb has been a blessing in my life. I have experienced a great deal of nerve pain and suffered with chronic sciatica for 22 years. There was a time when I walked with difficulty, due to inflamed sciatic nerves. I couldn’t even touch the backs of my legs without causing further pain. Following Anthony’s health protocol eliminated the shingles virus causing the sciatica, ending years of discomfort.

I will happily take American Skullcap to bring continued healing and restoration to those nerves, and health and wellness to my body.

American Skullcap

Order American Skullcap by clicking on the link below.

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I began taking this supplement 18 months ago, as I headed into my first fall season after switching to a plant based diet. All my life I suffered with seasonal allergies. October and November were my worst months, with March and April following closely behind. My nose would clog up causing sinus pressure and headaches and then drainage, congestion built up in my lungs, and my eyes would become so itchy and irritated that I often couldn’t wear contact lenses. Many times I went into bronchitis as a result of the allergies. I was miserable.

As my body healed from viruses and toxic heavy metal buildup, and my immune system strengthened, chronic pain eased and many other health issues and symptoms cleared up. Would my lifetime battle with allergies rage on or come to an end?

Sunday Supplement Elderberry

As the time for allergy season approached, I listened to a radio show by Anthony William on seasonal allergies. He explained that a healthy body doesn’t react as strongly to allergens. But a body already under siege by viruses and poisoned by toxins can’t handle anything else. Allergens set off massive reactions in the body as it struggles to fight off these new invaders.

In the past I have taken Mucinex, allergy meds, sinus meds, used eye drops…and still felt miserable. With my body in a healthier state of being, I opted to follow Anthony’s recommendations for supporting my immune system: lots of water and herbal teas, Ester C supplement, a spoonful of raw honey locally produced and a spoonful of elderberry syrup, all taken daily.

For the first time in my life, I did not suffer from seasonal allergies that fall, nor have I experienced it since.

Sunday Supplement Elderberry

Elderberry is an effective way to boost and support the immune system. In addition, it fights against cold, flu and sinus congestion, eases and helps to prevent allergies, lowers blood sugar, is a natural diuretic and laxative, improves the skin, alleviates inflammation and nerve pain, and may help to prevent cancer.

Taken within the first 48 hours of cold or flu symptoms, elderberry can shorten the duration of symptoms. And taking this herb 10 days before air travel helps prevent catching respiratory illnesses en route.

Elderberry can be taken in many forms, including capsules, tinctures, juice, wine, syrup or tea. I take a tablespoon of elderberry syrup a day. It has a pleasant fruity taste. I want to try the tea. And I am very interested in learning to make my own syrup. I have a recipe saved, to try.

As we head into spring, I love knowing my body is healthy and ready to combat, with ease, any allergens nature wants to launch at me!

Sunday Supplement Elderberry

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Red Clover

Today’s featured supplement is a wild food. In fact, this easily found plant is considered by many to be a weed. Although common, red clover is a beneficial addition to a healthy diet.

Red Clover Sunday Supplement

This medicinal plant is actually a powerful wild herb. It provides support to the lymphatic system, cleansing the lymphatic fluid, and it is effective against cancers. Red clover is diuretic and builds the blood, aiding in disorders such as leukemia, multiple myeloma or toxicity due to the liver or pancreas not functioning properly.

Red clover is loaded with nutrients and disease fighting alkaloids. It contains manganese, selenium, iron, magnesium, and vitamins A and B. Plus red clover’s alkaloids work with amino acids to break up and reduce stored up excess fat so it can be flushed out of the body.

Red clover is great for those feeling tired, fatigued or depleted. One cup of red clover tea can refresh and replenish, nutritionally. And finally, this potent herb cleanses the body of toxic heavy metals and pesticides such as DDT. A cup of red clover tea, drank in the evening before bed, allows the cleansing properties to work over night, pulling toxins from the body so that the liver can process them.

Red Clover Sunday Supplement

Both the blossoms and the leaves of the plant can be used, and red clover can be taken in capsule form or dried and used as a tea.

Try this delightful blended tea, from Life Changing Foods by Anthony Williams.

2 tablespoons red clover blossoms

1 tablespoon chamomile blossoms

1/4 teaspoon lavender flowers

Mix ingredients together in a small bowl. For one serving of tea, boil one cup of water and add 1 teaspoon of the mixture in a mesh tea ball. Steep for 5 minutes at least.

I currently take red clover in capsule form, although I’ll be visiting my local health food store soon, and I will purchase dried red clover blossoms. I’d like to occasionally have red clover tea.

The next time I see red clover growing in a field or yard, I will pause to give thanks for the health benefits this simple plant provides!

Red Clover Sunday Supplement

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Although I had heard of today’s featured supplement, I have only just included it in my daily health regimen. I spent the afternoon researching this herbal supplement and its health benefits.

Ashwagandha belongs to the same family as the tomato. The plant is native to the dry regions of India, northern Africa and the Middle East. The plump shrub has oval leaves and its yellow flowers bear small red fruits, about the size of a raisin.

This powerful herb has been used medicinally since ancient times. It is well known for its restorative properties and it has traditionally been used to strengthen the immune system after an illness.

Ashwagandha contains withanolides (a steroidal lactone), alkaloids, amino acids and choline. While the leaves and fruit have therapeutic properties, it is the root that is most commonly used.

The healing benefits of Ashwagandha include:

• protects the immune system

• combats the effects of stress

• improves memory

• lessens anxiety and depression

• helps reduce brain-cell degeneration

• stabilizes blood sugar

• reduces cholesterol

• anti-inflammatory benefits

• maintains sexual health and vitality

I purchased Ashwagandha in capsule form and began taking it today. Because tomorrow I begin a 90 day journey with an intentional focus on ridding my body, completely, of the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and healing my thyroid. In his newest book Thyroid Healing, Anthony William includes Ashwagandha on the supplement list as a powerful healing herb.

He writes, “While this herb does bolster the thyroid, the main reason to bring it into your life is to minimize adrenal surges that can feed EBV. By stabilizing the adrenal glands Ashwagandha helps prevent them from over producing fear-based hormone blends that give fuel to EBV. ”

On my healing journey I have learned that viruses such as shingles, strep and EBV are responsible for my health issues. It became a two fold strategy for healing: 1) eat healthy foods that support my immune system and 2) kill the viruses by eliminating the unhealthy foods, chemicals and toxins that they thrive on. The viruses also feed on the hormones that flood the body as a result of fear, anxiety and stress. It becomes so crucial to not only eat well but to lower stress. With the way most adults live, under continual stress and anxiety, is it any wonder that we grow more and more sick?

I’m excited to take this next step in my healing journey. I am incorporating several new to me supplements that I will be sharing about in upcoming Sunday Supplement posts. And I will share more about the 90 Day Thyroid Rehab soon. Tomorrow is Day 1!

You can purchase Ashwagandha by clicking the link below:

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Ester C: The Better Vitamin C

This week’s featured supplement showcases a better way to get vitamin C. This crucial nutrient can be found in foods such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, potatoes and dark green leafy veggies. However, most of us do not get enough vitamin C naturally, making this a popular supplement, especially during the winter months when cold and flu season is at its peak.

Traditional vitamin C tablets are acidic, and can be hard on the stomach. Additionally, this vitamin passes through the body rather quickly. Ester C is non acidic, making it a better choice for those with sensitive digestive systems. It is a pH neutral product containing naturally occurring vitamin C metabolites. These metabolites activate the vitamin C molecules, making it easier for the body to transport them from cell to cell, increasing the health benefits.

Ester C stays in the white blood cells for about 24 hours, providing long lasting immune system support.

Vitamin C is essential to our health. Sailors discovered this truth years ago, while on long ocean voyages. The shortage of fresh produce and citrus fruits created conditions such as scurvy, a result of severe vitamin C deficiency.

Ester C provides this vitamin, which is necessary for the manufacturing of collagen. Our bodies need collagen to create healthy blood vessels, connective tissues, muscles, bones and ligaments. Vitamin C promotes brain function, and helps the body absorb iron, which is needed for red blood cell production.

Ester C strengthens the immune system, helping to protect the body from infections. It flushes viral toxins from the liver, lowers high blood pressure, improves blood vessel dilation and protects cardiovascular health.

This powerful vitamin minimizes the risk for stroke and a variety of cancers, improves eye health, reduces blood lead levels, improves mood, controls asthma and aids the body in healing wounds.

Because of its many health benefits, beyond preventing colds and flu bugs, I take an Ester C capsule every day, year around. Look for packaging with “Ester C” written on it, to get the maximum benefits!

Order Ester C below:

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Licorice Root

This featured herb, for the Sunday Supplement post, is extremely important as a weapon against the viral explosion we are experiencing. Licorice, a member of the legume family, is native primarily to Europe and Asia. The sweet extract of the licorice root is well known for making a candy with a rich, distinctive flavor. However, did you know that this herb has incredible healing benefits?

According to Anthony William, author of Life Changing Foods, the herpetic viruses, which includes Einstein Barr, HHV-6, cytomegalovirus and shingles, are often behind the group of disorders that the medical community has labeled as “mystery illnesses”. We are told that these illnesses, such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme Disease, Ménièr’s and Adrenal Fatigue, along with symptoms such as vertigo, dizziness, body aches and pains, and nerve pain, and conditions such as Hashimoto’s and rheumatoid arthritis, are all instances of the body attacking itself.

The body does not attack itself…the strains and mutations of the viruses do, which is why we need licorice root. It is a powerful antiviral remedy. Its phytochemicals stop viruses from reproducing and also eliminate them from the body by making it inhospitable to the viruses.

In addition to being a potent antiviral, licorice root helps with low blood pressure, soothes the liver, and rejuvenates overburdened adrenal glands. It also combats infections such as strep throat, and appendix and brain inflammation, and eases the symptoms of sciatica, migraines, depression, digestive disorders, spasms, heart palpitations and pain throughout the body.

Licorice root is a great energy booster. A cup of licorice root tea in the morning can replace a cup of coffee, without adding caffeine.

As a child, I did not care for the taste of licorice, so I avoided the candy or picked through jelly beans to eliminate the strongly flavored ones. So I have been taking licorice root in capsule form, which is tasteless. However, my taste buds have matured, thankfully! No more avoiding this vital herb. I am interested in trying licorice root tea. It can also be taken as an alcohol free tincture.

Try this Cinnamon Licorice Root Tea from the Life Changing Foods book

• 2 tablespoons dried licorice root

• 1 teaspoon orange zest

• 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

• 1/2 teaspoon whole cloves

Mix ingredients in a small bowl. Boil 4 cups of water. For each serving of tea use 1 teaspoon of the blend in 1 cup of hot water. Steep for 5 minutes. Makes 4 cups of tea.

Picture from Life Changing Foods.

I will keep licorice root capsules on hand, so I can add this supplement to my diet daily. But I am looking forward to creating the cinnamon licorice root blend for hot tea as a change of pace. Either way, I appreciate the wonder of licorice root and its amazing healing properties.

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Why Take MSM?

This supplement, abbreviated from the long scientific name of methylsulfonylmethane (whew!), is another that I have been aware of for quite some time. Until I began my healing journey, I was hit and miss about taking supplements consistently…mostly miss! I included MSM, when I remembered to take it, because of its importance to joint health. However, I have discovered that there is so much more to this compound than that.

MSM is an organic, natural compound found in many unprocessed foods such as green vegetables. However, many of its benefits are lost when those foods are cooked. MSM provides biologically active sulfur, which is essential for many different bodily functions.

One of MSM’s most important functions is that it makes the body’s cells more permeable. This allows the cells to receive more water and nutrients, but just as crucial, toxins such as heavy metals and metabolic wastes, are more easily released.

Other crucial health benefits of MSM include:

• restores nerves that have tightened up due to inflammation, making them more flexible and pliable

• improves skin health and elasticity by boosting collagen production

• improves joint and muscle flexibility, and lessens pain and muscle spasms

• strengthens hair and nails

• helps rebuild the linings in the digestive system

• helps the body deal with stress

• anti-inflammatory

MSM truly is a wonder supplement, that works at a cellular level to increase health in vital systems of the body, while fighting inflammation and aging.

I take this supplement as a capsule, however it can also be taken in powder form by mixing it in water. MSM is odorless and tasteless, in either form. My research indicates that the body absorbs MSM even more readily when it is combined with a source of vitamin C. I include an Ester-C capsule, or make sure I am consuming fruits high in vitamin C.

MSM is one of my Fave Four supplements. At home I take a dozen or more vitamins, minerals and herbs daily. When I travel, I make sure I at least pack these four: turmeric, cat’s claw, B12, and MSM. These important supplements accompanied me last year on my travels to Italy, Ireland, Scotland and England. Combined with healthy, plant based meals and lots of walking, these essentials kept me feeling my best.

And that’s what this healing journey is all about, optimal health and feeling wonderful!

Order MSM below:

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This important vitamin is crucial to our health and well being. Anthony William, author of Medical Medium, writes that virtually everyone is deficient in B12. He also states that without B12, we die. That’s how critical a deficiency can be.

Because B12 comes primarily from animal products, it is very important for those following a plant based lifestyle to get this in supplemental form. Look for a time released or slow release B12 tablet, as methylcobalamin and/or adenosylcobalamin.

A special probiotic film covers the leaves and skins of above ground fruits and vegetables. These elevated biotics are able to survive the digestive process and make it to the ileum, the final section of the small intestine, where vitamin B12 is created in the body.

Be selective about which produce is best consumed without washing it first. Veggies out of your own organic garden, sprouts grown on the countertop, and local organic farmers are all good sources. Produce from the grocery store is not. It typically has a waxy film and the skin has traces of pesticides. Wash it before consuming. It’s fine to lightly rinse dirt off of freshly picked garden produce. That doesn’t destroy the biotic film.

B12 is crucial for maintaining a healthy brain and nervous system. It repairs and strengthens both when they have been damaged by the shingles and Epstein Barr viruses.

Additional benefits include:

• boosts mood and eases depression

• maintains a healthy heart

• improves memory, skin & hair, and digestion

• raises energy levels and helps to ease adrenal fatigue

I had never taken a B12 supplement, until I switched to a plant based diet. I started taking it to help fight the shingles and Epstein Barr viruses. I immediately noticed an increase in energy. For all the reasons listed above, B12 continues to be one of my most important supplements.

Amazon carries a great selection of reasonably priced B12 supplements, as do health minded grocery stores and health food shops. Take one tablet a day. And to benefit from the probiotics thriving on the skin of unwashed fruits snd veggies, consider growing your own. I pop unwashed cherry tomatoes into my mouth while working in the garden. And I don’t wash the herbs that I pick for cooking or hot drinks. Unwashed dandelion leaves, from your own unsprayed yard, can be plucked and chewed on as well, or made into a tea.

The important thing is, get this vitamin into your system, and reap the healthy benefits.