Eliminating Heavy Metals with a Detox Smoothie

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Recently, I woke up craving this nutrient rich detox smoothie. After a year of following a plant based lifestyle, one of the many benefits I have received is that I am very aware of my body’s needs. When I crave something, it is because my body needs it. When I am repulsed by something or I feel “off” about a food or drink, it is because my body doesn’t want it or need it.

Discover how eliminating heavy metals with a detox smoothie is making a difference in my health.

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The Danger of Heavy Metals

I follow the Medical Medium health protocols, established by Anthony William. So I am well educated on the problems caused by heavy metals in the body. Most of us, if not all of us, carry too many metals in our bodies, and we experience poor health as a result.

Anthony shares that toxic heavy metals…aluminum, mercury, lead, nickel, cadmium and copper…accumulate in our bodies and settle deep into our organs and tissues. We are exposed to these metals by daily contact with aluminum cans and foil, batteries, metal cooking pans, old paint and the food we eat. Herbicides and pesticides used on fruits and vegetables are a common source of heavy metals. As a result, we carry these toxic substances throughout our lives, and they build up.

It’s the metals we’ve had in our bodies the longest that pose the greatest health risk. Over time, the metals oxidize, damaging surrounding tissue and causing inflammation. Every system and organ in the body can be affected, including the brain and nervous system, the digestive system, and the immune system.

A unique characteristic of the heavy metals is that they form a neurotoxin. This poison is disruptive to the brain and nervous system, causing brain fog, memory loss, fatigue and depression. In the digestive tract, heavy metals create inflammation and serve as a food source for viruses, bacteria, parasites and pathogens, often resulting in a condition called Small Intestine Bacterial Overload, or SIBO. SIBO is characterized by bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea and/or constipation and nutrient deficiencies.

When viruses such as shingles and Epstein Barr feed off of the metals, this can produce symptoms such as tingling, numbness, fatigue, anxiety, ringing in the ears, heart palpitations and dizziness, as well as knee pain, nerve pain, neck pain, foot pain and headaches in the back of the head.

I dealt with many of these symptoms throughout my life. I tested positive for heavy metals years ago, yet I was never told how to clear them from my body. Thankfully, it is relatively easy to pull the metals out of the tissues and organs with this simple to make detox smoothie.

Eliminating Heavy Metals with a Detox Smoothie

Heavy Metals Detox Smoothie by Anthony William

Hawaiian spirulina draws heavy metals out of the brain and nervous system. Atlantic dulse binds to all of the metals deep in the intestines and doesn’t release them, removing them from the body. Cilantro is great for removing old metals that have been in the body for years. Wild blueberries draw metals from the brain, healing and repairing any damage caused by oxidation. Barley grass juice powder soaks up mercury drawn from the spleen, intestinal tract, pancreas, thyroid and reproductive system.

The Hawaiian spirulina, Atlantic dulse and barley grass juice powder are available at your local health food store, or through Amazon. (Links below). Wild blueberries are in the frozen food section at the grocery store. Make sure the package says Wild Blueberries, as they are more powerful. Cilantro can be found in the fresh produce section at the grocery store.

Experiencing the Difference

The recipe makes 32 ounces of health boosting goodness. I enjoy the taste. If you don’t care for cilantro, it takes getting used to, although the taste of this pungent herb is not overwhelming, combined with everything else. I’ve experienced a huge difference this past year, since adding the foods listed above to my diet. Aches and pains disappeared. My digestive system healed.

However, for me to wake up craving this detox smoothie means my body needs to get rid of more heavy metals.

On the recent long plane flights to and from Italy, I experienced mild restless legs. I used to suffer greatly from this irritating disorder. Restless legs syndrome is caused by several things, including heavy metals in the body. I have not had problems with it for months, until the long flights.

With another overseas trip coming up at the end of August, perhaps my body is getting ready by alerting me to what it needs, to do well. I am grateful for my built in guidance system and very grateful for Anthony and a way to continue detoxing my body.

I’ll be drinking a heavy metals detox smoothie daily. I intend to feel my very best as I head off to explore Ireland, Scotland and England. I owe it to myself to pay attention and practice such diligent self care.

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Banana Nice Dream

This yummy alternative to ice cream has been a favorite this summer. Easy to make, using one ingredient, banana nice dream is sugar and dairy free. Other ingredients can be added to the basic recipe, creating a variety of flavors.

The main ingredient is ripe bananas. My grocery store often has bags of very ripe bananas offered at a discounted price. I buy up the fruit at that time. They are great used in smoothies as well.

Making banana nice dream is easy:

Cut up ripe bananas and freeze in gallon sized freezer bags. I cut up four bananas and freeze together in each bag.

Place frozen banana chunks in a good quality blender or food process and blend on high speed. I have done better using a processor. Stop frequently to push mixture down off of the sides, and keep blending.

Be patient. The bananas will become coarsely chopped. Keep going. Suddenly the mixture changes, becoming the consistency of soft serve ice cream.

Eat immediately, topped with fresh, cut up berries or other fruit. Or store in the freezer for a firmer consistency.

For variety, other frozen fruits can be added. Berries, cherries, mango or pineapple chunks are all good additions. Or a half a teaspoon of vanilla can be added to the frozen bananas, for more of a vanilla ice cream taste.

I recently made blueberry nice dream by adding 2 cups of frozen wild blueberries to the chunks of bananas. The process was the same. Suddenly the mixture changed and the bananas and blueberries blended together into a cold and creamy treat.

It is nice to have healthy alternatives to standard desserts and treats. I haven't missed ice cream, like I thought I would. I used to be a frequent visitor to Andy's Frozen Custard. My favorite treat there was a blueberry concrete. The fruit made it healthier, right? Wrong. The sugar and dairy products were not good for me, and I knew it.

It wasn't just about watching my calories or my weight. Sugar fed the inflammation in my body, making my joints stiff and painful, and it gave me severe indigestion. Milk is a mucus producer and kept my sinuses clogged, and it upset my digestive system as well. It amazes me, looking back from this place on my healing journey, that I continued to eat what I wanted to eat, knowing I wouldn't feel well afterward.

How do I feel after eating banana ice dream? I feel good…good emotionally that I am taking care of myself, and my body thanks me for not putting things into it that will create poor health.

Banana nice dream…it's a delicious win/win!

Healthy Broccoli & Macaroni Bake

I tried this recipe based on the photo that accompanied it! Offered on Anthony William’s website and Facebook page this healthy version of mac & cheese appealed to me. Comfort food provides just that…comfort. However, most comfort food is packed with ingredients such as dairy products, gluten and added sugar that are unhealthy for the body. What an ideal recipe for me that combines healthy ingredients to create an upgrade on an old favorite. 

Healthy Broccoli & Macaroni Bake
Here is the simple recipe, from Anthony William:

Healthy Broccoli & Macaroni Bake
This was such a warm and satisfying meal! I have used cashews often as the base for sauces and dressings and you really don’t taste the nutty flavor. I am amazed everytime, by how creamy and yummy the sauce or dressing is, using cashews. This blend was so tasty that I think it would make an excellent dressing or dip for veggies. 

Healthy Broccoli & Macaroni Bake
Does this dish taste exactly like regular macaroni and cheese? No, it does not have a traditional cheesy flavor. Does it taste great? Yes! The dish is creamy and hearty and makes an ample amount, providing leftovers for another meal. I used brown rice pasta, which is gluten free. (Pictured below, except for this recipe I used elbow macaroni.) And I sprinkled paprika on top after the casserole baked. 

Healthy Broccoli & Macaroni Bake
I love good food that is in turn, good for me. When I say that I follow a plant based lifestyle, people assume I only eat salads! Not true. In fact, I rarely eat a lettuce salad. I savor a wide variety of dishes and foods, that all happen to be plant based.

I firmly believe that nothing tastes as good as healthy feels. That belief enables me to pass up foods that I used to eat that contributed to my poor health and my aches and pains. How wonderful it is to discover that eating healthy doesn’t mean I sacrifice on taste and satisfaction. The broccoli and macaroni bake will become a new favorite!

Healthy Broccoli & Macaroni Bake  

Following a Plant Based Lifestyle – One Year Update

One year ago yesterday, I embarked on a journey that has totally changed my life. After suffering in pain for 21 years after a car accident, and finding no relief through conventional medicine, I sought alternative methods. I asked the Divine for help. I was using a cane and a wheelchair seemed to be in my near future. I knew I had a trip to Italy coming up in 11-12 months. Something had to shift.

I asked to be shown how I could take back responsibility for my health and improve. I asked…and an answer was given.

Plant Based Lifestyle-One Year Update

I had already connected with Anthony William through his Facebook page. Called the Medical Medium, Anthony discerns medical information and the sources for illness and diseases through Spirit. I had already adopted the practice of drinking celery juice, as he suggested. The day after I asked for Divine guidance, a post appeared in my newsfeed. Anthony’s article discussed the pain that can linger for years after a traumatic event, such as a car accident, and what the underlying causes were. Reading his words, I recognized myself and my chronic condition. Best of all, Anthony offered a way to heal.

The Difference a Year Makes
I ordered Anthony’s first book, Medical Medium, and later his second one, Life Changing Foods. These two books have been my roadmap back to health and wellbeing. I discovered that the severe inflammation in my sciatic nerves was caused by the shingles virus. Other health issues I was having were the result of the strep and Epstein Barr viruses, and my body’s weakened immune system brought about by years of eating a poor diet.

At last, I had hope…and a plan. It was two fold: eliminate the viruses from my body, and support my body’s immune system so the inflammation could be reduced, allowing healing to occur.

On July 1, 2016, I began a 28 day healing cleanse. I eliminated the foods that feed viruses and inflammation: meat, dairy, eggs, gluten, sugar, corn and soy (because of GMO), and canola oil. During that first month I only ate fresh, raw fruits and vegetabes. I immediately experienced a lessening of pain and inflammation. A host of other disorders began to clear up as well. I parked my cane in the bedroom corner, where it has remained, unused. At the end of the 28 days, my simple wholesome plant based diet became a simple wholesome plant based lifestyle. I continued eating raw and cooked veggies and fruits, and included brown rice, legumes, nuts and non GMO products such as organic tortilla chips.

The Difference a Year Makes Me in October 2015.  The cane was a necessity, not a costume prop. Looking at the photo, I can tell that I was in pain by the stiffness in my body and the positioning of my legs and feet. This pic makes tears come to my eyes. 

The Difference a Year Makes And this pic makes me smile. It was taken recently, almost a year after I embraced a plant based lifestyle. I can climb trees again! 

These are the amazing changes that have occurred in the past year, as I continue eating a nutrient dense plant based diet, and continue to avoid the foods on my “No” list.

• The inflammation is gone from my sciatic nerves, allowing me to walk and move and sit without pain. Inflammation is gone as well from my joints, spine and neck, easing stiffness and pain in those places as well.

• Headaches, seasonal allergies and skin rashes and hives are gone. My skin is clear and vibrant. I’ve learned that healthy skin, nails and hair begins inside, with a healthy liver.

• My digestive problems have cleared up. I suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, gall bladder problems, stomach pain, an overly sensitive intestinal tract and severe acid reflux. I used  to keep antacids on hand always. I never take one now.

• My energy is high, meaning my vibrational frequency is high as well. The higher my vibrational frequency is, the less likely I am to develop serious diseases, which thrive when my body is weakened and in a low vibrational state.

• My sleep disorders are gone. I sleep without taking aids and wake up refreshed.

• I have clarity of thought and an incredibly positive attitude. I feel euphoric most of the time. I laugh more, and feel expansive at a soul level.

• I have become more lean, strong and fit, losing more than 60 pounds in 12 months. I am continuing to slowly lose weight. I trust my body to find its ideal level of health and wellness, and that includes weight. I want to emphasize that I maintain a plant based lifestyle for my health. The weight loss has been an additional result and not the reason for going plant based.

• I am very attuned to my body and its needs. When I crave a food, such as dark green leafy veggies, I eat them. It is my body’s way of letting me know what I need. Now that I no longer have food addictions, I can trust my cravings. Recently, my body developed an abhorrence toward certain kinds of teas. I no longer drink them. I love having this built in guidance system.

• I am continuing to improve, health wise. I still have some muscle tightness around my knees, after years of inflammation. It used to take me up to an hour to straighten out my legs if they were bent for too long. Now it takes me about 10 seconds. I am using Young Living Essential Oils on the muscles around my knees at night, with great results. I have also just noticed a loosening of my sacroiliac joint in my low back, which has been frozen for 22 years.

The Difference a Year Makes
A year ago, I had no idea that all of these changes would take place. I only knew I had to walk a different path, or I wouldn’t be walking at all. I am deeply grateful to Anthony William for showing me another way to heal. I don’t share my story to convince anyone that this is what she or he must do. I share my story for those who, like me, are asking questions and looking for help. Hope, and help, are available. I am proof of that.

Health and wellness begins within the body, at a cellular level. What I consume, whether it is a good diet or a poor one, is all that my body has to create with it. I am responsible for what I choose to eat and drink. And I am responsible for the consequences. I fully accept that responsibility.

My healing journey continues. A year ago, I read the quote, Do something today that your future self will thank you for. I made a choice that day. I would be living the next days, weeks and months anyway. I chose to live them with a focus on shifting my health through a plant based lifestyle.

I am my future self today, one year later. And I am grateful. Thank you, Cindy-in-my-past, for believing there was something better ahead and making that crucial decision. Thank you for staying with it and making choices every day that have resulted in a healthier existence.

What will my future self thank me for, one year from today? I’m excited to find out…

The Difference a Year Makes

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Three Healthy Salad Dressings

This summer, my go to meal has been a chopped veggie salad. I fill a big bowl with a variety of fresh veggies, chopped up into bite sized pieces, and store it in the refrigerator for ready to eat meals. 

The beauty of the chopped veggie salad is the simplicity of it. Any on hand veggies can be combined, and the longer it is in the fridge, the more the flavors blend. I frequently combine green, red, yellow and orange peppers, banana peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, celery, red onion, avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, kale and spinach. Mushrooms, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, sunflower seeds, walnuts or jicama could be added as well. For increased protein, I include cooked pinto or black beans, or garbanzo beans. The possibilities are vast! 

Three Healthy Salad Dressings
What to put on these bowls of goodness? Truthfully, the combined flavors of the chopped veggies are sufficient without additional dressing. However, here are three wonderful dressings that are simple to make, full of flavor and healthy too!  

Three Healthy Salad Dressings
If you enjoy ranch dressing, try this dairy free, sugar free version. It is amazing, using cashews as the base, how flavorful this dressing is. Use on salads and also as a dip for fresh vegetables, roasted potato wedges or as a topping on veggie chili or soups. 

Three Healthy Salad Dressings

Three Healthy Salad Dressings
This light, tasty dressing begins with a cashew and zucchini base. Always soak the nuts first, to make blending easier and the dressing smoother. I grow sage and other herbs in my garden. I love picking sage leaves to include in this dressing. I am looking forward to adapting the recipe and substituting other fresh herbs for the sage, for variety. 

Three Healthy Salad Dressings
Three Healthy Salad Dressings

I like honey mustard dressing, so I was delighted to find this easy recipe on Pinterest. Combine the ingredients in a mason jar and shake to blend. The dressing can be stored in the same jar, in the fridge. I have a vintage cut glass cruet that I enjoyed using to store and serve the dressing in. This light and tangy accompaniment is perfect on a chopped veggie salad or used as a dip for vegetables or roasted potato wedges. 

Three Healthy Salad Dressings
I feel good about creating these healthy versions of favorite dressings. Taking the time to care for myself by preparing food that nourishes my body goes beyond eating in a healthy way. It becomes a soul nourishing experience as well. 

Bon appetit! Here is to our continuing good health and wellness, and our healing journeys. 

Three Healthy Salad Dressings

Eating Plant Based On Vacation

One of the reasons I switched to a plant based lifestyle last summer was because of a planned trip to Italy this year. Before I embraced eating healthier, I had trouble walking without pain and I was using a cane. My hope was to walk without a cane and without pain, during the trip. 

Eating Plant Based on Vacation
If you’ve followed my healing journey, you know my health has been transformed by adopting a plant based lifestyle. No more cane and no more pain have been just two of the positive outcomes as a result. However, as the trip drew closer, I wondered if it would be possible to eat plant based in Italy.
Eating Plant Based on Vacation
Breakfasts were easy while in Italy. Every hotel we stayed in offered a large breakfast buffet. I could choose from a selection of fresh and baked fruits, juices and even veggies such as green beans, mushrooms and tomatoes. 

Eating Plant Based on Vacation
But what about lunches and dinners, in a country famous for pasta? A Divine opportunity brought the answer. Because of severe weather in the US and being diverted to London rather than Rome, we missed the welcome dinner the first night of the tour. The next day, catching up with our tour director, Fabi, I asked if it was considered rude to request gluten free pasta at restaurants. 

My daughter Elissa, grandson Dayan and I were about to head out into Rome for our first dinner. Fabi happened to be giving Dayan directions to nearby cafes. Otherwise, I would not have asked my question. I felt reluctant to ask at a restaurant. I didn’t want to be perceived as a picky eater. That was my issue though, I realized. It is always appropriate to ask! 

Fabi assured me that most restaurants did indeed offer gluten free pasta and vegetarian or vegan meal options. My first dinner was in a delightful cafe with outdoor seating, located on a narrow street lined with restaurants. I enjoyed roasted potatoes and freshly grilled veggies. No one looked at me oddly or questioned my selection. 

Eating Plant Based on Vacation
The ease of ordering that first meal encouraged me to stay within my plant based diet during the entire trip. However, I have to praise Fabi for taking charge of my meals. Our tour included some lunches and dinners, at various restaurants and two different vineyards. Without me asking her to, she called ahead to each venue and explained that I was following a restricted diet. 

Eating Plant Based on VacationA five course totally plant based, gluten free meal!

Without exception, at each place I was served delicious, freshly prepared plant based meals. No gluten. No meat. No sugar, dairy or eggs. Instead of a sweet dessert, I was presented with a bowl of sumptuous fruit. The chefs or head waiters introduced themselves to me before the meals, delivered each course with a flourish and a smile, and checked with me after to make sure I was happy with the food. 

Happy? I was thrilled! And those who brought me my special meals did so with a noticeable sense of accomplishment and pride that was endearing. I felt so well cared for, and not at all a burden. 

Eating Plant Based on VacationGluten free pasta with pesto

When we were free to eat on our own, I did fine ordering from the menu. Dayan noticed the small print that read gluten free available. From Rome to the coastal villages in Cinque Terre to Venice, gluten free pasta and/or vegan options were readily available, making it easy for me to stay plant based. 

Eating Plant Based on Vacation
Was it difficult, eating differently from everyone else? Not at all. Was it boring? Absolutely not. I enjoyed a variety of delicious foods. And it was crucial for me. If I had abandoned my plant based lifestyle, even for a few days, I would have risked feeling unwell or opened myself up to discomfort. It was important to me to feel my very best. 

And I did do well. I walked with ease, 4-6 miles a day. I flew for hours and hours, without my legs locking up. I climbed stairs, which a year ago would have been impossible. While stairs can still be a challenge for me, due to years of pain and inflammation that has caused muscle tightness around my knees, I am continuing to improve. I kept up with the tour group and I was extremely pleased with my level of fitness. 

Eating Plant Based on Vacation
My experience was encouraging. I found that it is possible to eat a plant based diet while on vacation. My tips for a healthy vacation are: 

Make healthy eating a priority, because health IS a priority

Drink plenty of water. It is easy to become dehydrated while traveling. 

Get enough rest. Jet lag is a real thing! Stay awake during the days and get to bed early the first couple of nights to adjust to a different time zone. 

And don’t be afraid to ask for specially prepared meals. Express sincere appreciation and gratitude to the waiter and chef. 

I am so grateful for Fabi, who went above and beyond to ensure that I ate healthy meals. And I am grateful for each chef who took the time to create magnificent meals for me. I’m also so thankful for my grandson and daughter who frequently asked if I was finding healthy options on the menus and often checked ahead before choosing a cafe, just to make sure I could find something to eat. 

Eating Plant Based on VacationBlack lentils and vegetables, beautifully prepared. 

Surrounded by such caring and conscientious people, how could I not do well on this trip? And that would be my last suggestion for maintaining a diet while on vacation…surround yourself with supportive people. They may not eat what you eat, but they can certainly offer encouragement and love and compassion as you care for yourself.  

Healthy eating is a choice…a daily choice. Whether dining in my own home or in a fine restaurant in Venice, I am the one who decides what I will eat. I chose well. And my body thanked me for it. 

Eating Plant Based on Vacation

To Tea or Not to Tea

One of the amazing changes that has occurred during my 11 month healing journey is that I am so much more attuned to my body. For the first time ever, perhaps, my spirit and body are aligned. I am present and aware with myself. 

This change was made evident to me again recently during the week long juice cleanse that I did. I found that by the third day of only consuming juices and herbal teas that I no longer wanted to drink regular, or black, unsweetened tea. 

To Tea or Not to Tea
If I thought about having an unsweet tea, my mind would move away from the idea. I felt a mild repulsion. If I poured a glass of tea anyway or purchased one at McDonald’s, it remained untouched. 

This was highly unusual for me. I quit drinking diet soda, or any kind of soda, eight years ago. Unfortunately, instead of drinking water primarily, I switched to unsweetened iced tea. I was rarely without a 32 ounce container of the drink, thinking it was healthier for me than soda. 

To Tea or Not to Tea
Arguably, it might have been healthier. However, during my week of juicing, I stopped drinking the stuff, other than freshly brewed herbal teas. I wasn’t drawn to my customary drink at all. Instead, I sipped on bottled water. 

Ten days later, after I had completed my juice fast, I thought I would try a glass of unsweetened ice tea. I drank about half of it and it was okay. It wasn’t especially satisfying but the tea tasted fine. I wondered if I was receiving plenty of fluids during the time of juicing and that was why I went off of the tea. I was well hydrated. 

To Tea or Not to Tea
I questioned whether to include tea again on a daily basis. I had my answer the next morning. 

I awoke with stiff joints in my fingers, something I had not experienced in a while. The only thing I had done differently the day before was to drink tea. 

I researched black tea. 

To Tea or Not to Tea
Although there are benefits from drinking black tea, such as antioxidants, stress relief and prevention of certain cancers, the caffeine present can have negative effects on people with caffeine sensitivities. Further, black tea has been found to cause stiffening of the arteries and can increase the occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis, especially in women. It is also acidic, which contributes to heartburn and digestive disorders and an imbalance in the body. 

Data is somewhat inconclusive concerning black tea, and on whether its benefits outweigh the negatives. 

My body, on the other hand, is not undecided. It is telling me, very specifically, to leave the black tea alone, for now at least. Herbal teas are fine, and have many health boosting benefits. Green tea is better than black. I haven’t tested it yet, to see if my body agrees. 

I am drinking water…bottle after bottle of water. I don’t crave anything else. I am hydrated, my skin is clear, I feel wonderful. 

I love having this built in guidance system. If I listen, I can learn so much about myself and what my body needs for optimal health. What my body requires may be different from what another needs. 

I have spent years and years ignoring what my body has been telling me. And that has been detrimental to my health and wellbeing. I am honoring my body and its need and not only listening, but shifting according to the information I reveive. 

To tea…or not to tea…that was the question. I know the answer. It is…not right now. 

To Tea or Not to Tea

Raw Vegan Carrot Cake with Cashew Lemon Frosting

Every once in a while, it is good to have a small treat, and to celebrate. Today I rejoiced that the sun appeared bright again in the sky, after days of heavy rain. In honor of this happy occurrence, I tried a new recipe for a special treat, adapted from onegreenplanet.org

Raw Began Carrot Cake with Cashew Lemon Frosting
This luscious dessert was easy to make, coming together in minutes using a blender and a food processor. 

Raw Began Carrot Cake with Cashew Lemon Frosting

Raw Vegan Carrot Cake with Cashew Lemon Frosting

Raw Vegan Carrot Cake with Cashew Lemon Frosting

Raw Began Carrot Cake with Cashew Lemon Frosting

Raw Began Carrot Cake with Cashew Lemon Frosting

I left the iced cake in the freezer for about an hour, then moved it to the refrigerator.  After having a small green salad for dinner, I was ready to sample my treat. 

This cake was so yummy! Forget about it being raw. It doesn’t taste like raw carrots. The cake has a nice texture and holds together well. The frosting is creamy and sweet without a bit of sugar. 

This recipe makes an excellent treat for those special occasions or simply because the sun is shining! I enjoyed my celebratory slice with a cup of hot thyme tea. 

Raw Began Carrot Cake with Cashew Lemon Frosting

Madras Curried Lentils

I’m sharing my favorite plant based recipe tonight. This flavorful but not too spicy curry is the perfect make ahead meal that simmers in the crockpot all day. The tantalizing aroma makes me smile in anticipation!

Madras Curried Lentils
Lentils, with 25 grams of protein per cup, are great for plant based diets. Inexpensive and easy to prepare, lentils have become one of my staples. This easy to prepare dish mixes in the crockpot in minutes. 

Madras Curried Lentils From Easy Vegetarian Slow Cooker Cookbook. 

Pair with brown rice or a green salad. Or do as I do…fill a bowl with this tasty curry and grab a spoon…nothing else needed. Enjoy!

Madras Curried Lentils
Pick up a copy of the vegetarian cookbook by clicking link below:

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Sweet Potatoes Stuffed with Cabbage

After a week of juicing, I was ready to return today to my usual plant based way of eating. I had my customary morning fare that included celery juice and a breakfast smoothie. As lunch time approached, I prepared to break my liquid fast.

Sweet Potatoes Stuffed with Cabbage
I was going to eat a fruit salad. However my on hand supply of fruit was low. Taking stock of what I had available, I chose to try a simple recipe from Anthony William’s book, Life Changing Foods, that featured sweet potatoes.

Sweet Potatoes Stuffed with Cabbage
Sweet Potatoes Stuffed with CabbageSweet Potatoes Stuffed with Cabbage

I was eating lunch alone so I adapted the recipe by cutting the ingredients down. I used one sweet potato, 1/4 onion and 1/4 of a red cabbage. I made the sauce as directed.

Sweet Potatoes Stuffed with Cabbage

With the smaller amounts, I simply stir fried the cabbage along with the onion and garlic, rather than braising. The red cabbage made a gorgeous stir fry!

When the sweet potato was done, I prepared the sauce while keeping the stir fry warm on the stove. I was out of lemons so I substituted a lime. The sauce was wonderful…sweet without using honey, and a bit tangy from the citrus and ginger. I garnished my meal with fresh parsley.

Sweet Potatoes Stuffed with Cabbage
The sweet potato is a powerful food. It promotes productive bacteria in the stomach and gut while starving out unproductive bacteria and fungus. Sweet potatoes enhance the body’s production of B12. Rich in vitamins and minerals, this superfood helps alleviate narrowing of the intestinal tract due to chronic inflammation. In addition, sweet potatoes help protect against a multitude of cancers.

This colorful meal felt celebratory, and indeed it was, making it an excellent first meal after a week of drinking my nutrition. It was so delicious. I ate slowly, savoring each bite, and enjoying the combination of flavors.

I will be making this recipe again.  Welcome back to eating, Me!

Sweet Potatoes Stuffed with Cabbage
Find out the other benefts sweet potatoes provide, in Life Changing Foods by Anthony William. There are 49 other health boosting foods included in the book.

I am an Amazon Affiliate and may earn a commission on purchases, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for considering making a purchase of this product, or any other items, through my Amazon link!