Make Your Own Deodorant

The first question one might ask is why would anyone want to make their own deodorant? In the US, after all , 95% of the adult population use deodorants and antiperspirants. Why bother to make something that can be so easily purchased?

My answer, my reason for trying this Do It Yourself project, was simple. While I am in the process of increasing my health and well being by changing my diet, fighting viruses with plant based foods, and detoxing from heavy metals, it seems counterproductive to keep using a product that contains unhealthy chemicals and additives.

Make Your Own Deodorant

My research shows that most deodorants and antiperspirants contain these ingredients that are not good for us:

* aluminum-a primary ingredient, this metal has been linked to breast cancer and increased risk of Alzheimer’s. Aluminum clogs the pores to prevent sweat from reaching the skin’s surface.

* parabens-a synthetic preservative that can disrupt hormonal balance. This chemical has been linked to birth defects and organ toxicity.

* propylene glycol-a petroleum based material that can cause damage to the central nervous system, heart and liver.

* phthalates-another chemical that has been linked to health issues, including birth defects.

* triclsoan-a substance classified as a pesticide that is a known carcinogen.

As I am seeking improved health, I have made the decision to stop using products that can compromise my well being. When I ran out of the antiperspirant I have used for years, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to switch to a healthier version. I felt inspired to make my own!

Make Your Own Deodorant

I used this simple recipe, from Thank Your Body:

1/3 cup arrowroot starch (available from health food stores or click link below)

2 tablespoons baking soda

1/3 cup coconut oil

10-15 drops of essential oil (optional)

Combine arrowroot starch and baking soda in a small bowl. (You can substitute pure cornstarch if you want. Just make sure it doesn’t have aluminum in it.) Add coconut oil (I softened the oil for 20 seconds in the microwave) and blend, using a spoon. Add essential oil, if desired. I added 10 drops of orange oil and 5 drops of rosemary, creating a light, clean scent. Combine, pressing mixture with back of spoon, until well mixed and smooth. Use by smoothing small amount on underarms with fingertips.

Make Your Own Deodorant

Making my own deodorant only took a few minutes. I tried a dab on my inner wrist and tested it under my right arm. I have been using this DIY deodorant for a couple of months now, and it is working wonderfully!

I feel good about this unique creative endeavor, and good about further eliminating my body’s contact with chemicals and toxins. Healthy living, for me, involves more than diet and exercise, although those are crucial. What I don’t allow to interact with my body is important too, even if it puts me in a category considered outside the norm.

The second question one might ask, and I get this one frequently, is…are you a hippie? That’s a simple answer as well.

Yes…yes I am!

Make Your Own Deodorant

You can order arrowroot starch below:


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Make Your Own Mexican Bowl

Living on a plant based lifestyle, my options for dining out are limited. So it is always a joy to discover a restaurant that serves vegan food, especially when it is an old favorite. 

Such was the case with Moe’s Southwest Grill. I had avoided this restaurant that I once frequented, until I realized I could create my own special bowl as I moved down the order line, omitting meat and cheese and tortillas. I stopped by often, grabbing a bowl to go. 

I’m not sure why it took me this long to have a further realization…I could make my own Mexican bowl at home! This easy to create meal is so good, Moe’s may never see me again. 
Make Your Own Mexican Bowl

Here is the simple assembly process:

Make Your Own Mexican Bowl
Skip the meat and start with a base of brown rice. I am enjoying the ease of cooking rice in the pressure cooker. 

Make Your Own Mexican Bowl
While the brown rice cooks, sauté thinly sliced onions and green peppers in a small amount of olive oil. Other vegetables can be added, according to preference. Good choices include garlic, mushrooms, broccoli or cauliflower. 

Make Your Own Mexican Bowl
Assemble favorite toppings. Again, there are so many choices. Do your body a favor and avoid cheese, meat and sour cream. I like to include pinto beans, shredded lettuce, salsa and sliced avocado. 

Make Your Own Mexican Bowl
Create a yummy Mexican bowl. I start with the brown rice and then add the sautéed veggies. Next I add beans, shredded lettuce and salsa, topping the bowl with sliced avocado. 

This colorful meal is so satisfying. It takes less than 30 minutes to prepare, with the rice taking the longest to cook…about 20 minutes in the pressure cooker. The food is freshly prepared and I like knowing exactly what ingredients are used. 

Healthy and delicious, this do it yourself Mexican bowl is perfect for lunch or dinner, even for those who aren’t following the plant based lifestyle. 

I may never again hear the friendly greeting, “Welcome to Moe’s”, as I walk through that restaurant’s door. However, I suppose I can shout it out at home…

Welcome to Cindy’s! Welcome to healthy eating! 

Make Your Own Mexican Bowl

Energy Boosting Foods

I spent 14 hours riding in a car yesterday, and went 26 hours without sleep. It was all for good. I attended an out of state funeral and wanted to be there, to honor the one who passed and to offer love and support to his family. I would make that choice again.

As a result of the last 36 hours, I am a bit low energy today, even though I rested well last night. This is when I used to exacerbate my condition by drinking high caffeine sodas and consuming sugary foods, in an attempt to raise my energy. Or worse, I’d grab an energy drink at the convenience store. While these strategies might temporarily give me a boost, my body would crash again as soon as the sugar high wore off. And, these choices were poor for my health.

Energy Boosting Foods
Having embraced a plant based diet, I am much more aware of my body and health and my needs. No more sugary foods or drinks full of caffeine and carbonation. As I contemplated breakfast this morning, I decided to forego my usual smoothie, and followed the promptings of my body.

I tossed into a bowl whatever drew me…chopped apples, bananas, and cara cara oranges…then added celery and roasted cashews for crunch. Finally I chopped up several dates, and sprinkled those on top.

It was as I was adding the dates that I realized what I was doing. I was creating, instinctively, intuitively, a breakfast that was not only tasty and good for me, it also contained food that naturally restores energy. I was nourishing myself back into optimal well being.

Energy Boosting Foods
Here is a breakdown of energy boosting foods to reach for:

Apples – antiviral and anti-inflammatory, this powerful fruit detoxifies the brain and organs while regulating blood sugar, hydrating cells and easing fatigue.

Celery – alkalizing and anti-inflammatory, this veggie restores the adrenals, calms an overactive mind and clears away brain fog.

Dates – high in bioactive minerals, potassium and fruit sugar, dates refuel the body and ease tired muscles, and support the adrenal glands to help the body handle life’s stresses and challenges.

Oranges – this fruit, high in vitamin C, flavonoids and limonoids, fights viruses and restores health to the body while protecting it from harm and boosting energy.

Bananas – powerfully antiviral and full of antioxidants, this fruit not only fights disease, it also calms anxiety and soothes stress, regulates blood sugar and supports the adrenal glands.

Cashews – high in antioxidants and minerals, this nut is packed with protein and good fats, giving a healthy boost to the body while providing important nutrients.

Other energy boosters include raw honey, apricots and asparagus. 

Energy Boosting Foods
A combo of apples, bananas, celery and dates is especially beneficial, as they all ease adrenal fatigue. These small glands, located above the kidneys, produce hormones critical to health. Stress or challenges, such as losing a loved one, giving birth or working a difficult job, overtax the adrenal glands, creating adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue causes mood swings, depression and tiredness, which can become extreme.

Even the mild stress of my trip…long hours in the car, inactivity, lack of sleep and experiencing grief…affected my adrenal glands. My body knew which foods to consume to restore my adrenal glands and improve my over all health and well being.

I could feel my energy shifting upwards as I ate my big bowl of fruit, celery and cashews. Best of all, there was no sugar crash later. I have sustained a higher level of energy throughout the day. Plus, my body benefits greatly from the nutrient rich foods I consumed, beyond raising my energy levels.

Why reach for an energy drink, when I can grab an apple and some dates, an orange or a banana? My body certainly thanks me for paying attention and supporting its needs, rewarding me with glowing health and abundant energy. High five, me!

Energy Boosting Foods
Want to know more about which foods provide the most health benefits? Check out Anthony William’s book!

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Healing Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

One of the easiest changes to make in embracing a healthier lifestyle is the inclusion of a cup of warm lemon water first thing in the morning. Before drinking or eating anything else, starting the day sipping on this zesty health booster brings amazing healing benefits.

Healing Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water
According to Anthony William, author of the book Life Changing Foods, lemons, and their citrus cousins limes, are ultrahydrating and electolyte producing because they are a top source of mineral salts and trace mineral salts.

And they are a source of highly absorbable vitamin C. In addition, lemons provide bioactive calcium. The phytochemicals called limonoids actually bond the vitamin C and calcium together, so where one goes in the body, the other tags along.

Healing Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water
Lemons alkalinize the body, which helps to prevent the growth of most types of cancer. And the antioxidant flavonoids fight other illnesses such as cold, flu, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Lemons are an effective mucus expeller and an amazing cleanser of the liver, kidneys, spleen, thyroid and gallbladder.

They purge the body of toxins that collect in the body due to exposure to plastics, chemicals, radiation and poor food choices. Drinking lemon water as soon as you wake up flushes these toxins from the liver, which has worked through the night detoxifying the body. Otherwise, those toxins settle back in.

Other benefits include:

  • Ease nausea
  • Reduce bloating
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Aid in weight loss
  • Prevent kidney stones
  • Boost mood & sense of well being

Healing Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water
Preparing this extraordinary drink is simple. Using a fresh lemon, or lime if you prefer, cut in two and squeeze the juice of one of the halves into a cup of warm water. I like using my Aunt Annie’s old juicer, however squeezing the juice directly into the cup of water is fine. During the summer, I like to cut up a couple of lemons and make a large pitcher of lemon water that I sip on all day.

When I first began drinking lemon water, I made the mistake of using a bottled concentrate. While there may be some benefits from drinking that juice, it just doesn’t compare to the juice from a freshly squeezed lemon. Plus, I now use fresh lemons to make my own hummus and salad dressings. I like keeping them on hand.

While it is important to start the day with lemon water, it also makes a great end of the day drink. A cup of warm lemon water with a spoonful of raw, local honey calms the nervous system and aids in a restful night’s sleep.

From flushing toxins to fighting colds and allergies to aiding in weight loss and getting a good night’s sleep, this little powerhouse of a fruit offers incredible healing benefits. Try adding a cup or two of lemon water to your daily routine, and see what happens!

Healing Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water
For more information about lemons, and 49 other healing foods, check out Life Changing Foods by Anthony William. 

I am an Amazon Affiliate! I may make a commission, at no extra charge to you, when you make a purchase through my link. Thank you for considering the purchase of this book, or any other product, through my Amazon link. 

Dining Out on a Plant Based Diet

Making healthy food choices is important on any diet. The choices become crucial when dining out. Since beginning the plant based lifestyle, I’ve found it easiest to prepare my own meals at home. However occasionally there is a family dinner or I am out of town or I want to pick something up on the way home after a long day. 

Is it possible to eat out when living a plant based lifestyle? Or while following other diets? Yes!

Dining Out on a Plant Based Diet
I was in Olathe, KS today, dropping Greg off to paint a house interior for his cousin. Before I headed back to Joplin, we wanted to eat a late lunch. My experience provides a good example of how to stay true to a diet or lifestyle, while enjoying a meal out. 

* Avoid fast food restaurants. There are very few good options available in fast food. 

* Use Google, if you own a smart phone, typing in the words, vegan restaurants, and the town name, to locate healthier possibilities. Look the list over carefully! Google isn’t perfect. I Googled vegan restaurants Olathe KS and IHOP appeared on the list. While they do offer a few healthier options, it’s not a good choice for me. 

* Ask for suggestions. I found the perfect restaurant today by asking Greg’s cousin Tim what healthy options were available locally. 

* Check out an online menu before finalizing the selection, to make sure the restaurant is a good choice. 

Dining Out on a Plant Based Diet
I chose a new-to-me restaurant this afternoon, Zoës Kitchen in Olathe, based on Tim’s recommendation. Zoës features Mediterranean cooking using fresh ingredients that are prepared daily. 

* There are several good choices for restaurants, when eating plant based or following other diets. Many restaurants offer a veggie plate or allow sides to be ordered a la carte. Chose Mexican or Chinese or Thai restaurants that offer brown rice, simply prepared vegetables or salads with lots of veggies rather than iceberg lettuce with toppings such as cheese, bacon and croutons. There are good buffet style restaurants that have large salad bars full of healthy choices. However, avoid buffet style if the platters and platters of food present too great a temptation!

* Carefully check out the menu before ordering and don’t hesitate to ask the wait staff questions about ingredients or food prep. 

Dining Out on a Plant Based Diet
Zoës Kitchen made it easy to make great choices. Their menu listed exactly what was in each meal, and they even put a V for vegan next to plant based meals. 

Greg and I shared Classic Hummus with Cucumber Slices, and we each had a bowl of Mediterranean Lentil Soup. Both were delicious! I loved that the hummus came with cucumber slices. Pita bread was available on request. That made me feel that Zoës has my best health in mind.  

* If the meal isn’t right or what you expected, don’t feel like you have to eat it. Most restaurants are happy to get it right for you. 

* And if the meal is more than you can comfortably eat, take the rest home. I like knowing I have another healthy meal ready to eat in the fridge. 

With a little knowledge and preparing, eating out doesn’t have to set me back or make me feel guilty, or worse, make me feel bad, physically. I have a short list of approved restaurants in the Joplin area. And I love discovering new vegan restaurants in bigger cities, and places that at least have plant based options on the menu. 

In the end, eating out isn’t supposed to be stressful or a reason to cheat on a diet or lifestyle. Its about connecting with others, having fun, and nourishing the body and the soul. When I can accomplish all three, it becomes a beautiful experience. 

Zoës Kitchen in Olathe met that criteria, providing wholesome, flavorful, healthy food in a fun, colorful atmosphere. It was added to my list of favorites today. 

Dining Out While on a Plant Based Diet