About Me

Cindy Moore, Journey with Healthy Me
Six months ago, I began a healing journey. Desperation, and fear, motivated me to make changes in my diet. I was in daily pain, from a car accident 21 years before, with decreasing mobility in my legs. I had a host of other minor, and life draining ailments, including acid reflux, IBS, gallbladder and other digestive issues, rashes and hives, seasonal allergies, headaches, tinnitus, and joint pain. I was told I had fibromyalgia. I just knew I didn’t feel well, and the pain in the sciatic nerves in both legs caused me to resort to walking with a cane. I was headed for a wheelchair. I didn’t like that prognosis.

I connected with Anthony William, author of The Medical Medium and Life Changing Foods books. My journey shifted with the new knowledge I had after reading his books. I switched to a plant based diet. Added supplements that supported my immune system while combating the shingles, Epstein Barr and strep viruses wreaking havoc on my body. And I continued to learn about what was necessary to take back control of my health. 

Six months later, I am relatively pain free. The nerve pain I have experienced for more than 21 years in my legs is gone. As are most of the ailments I was suffering with. I have released 50 pounds. I am lighter, healthier, stronger, and growing more so by the day. The plant based diet has become a plant base lifestyle that I embrace wholeheartedly.

This blog chronicles my continuing journey, my healing journey, me becoming the healthiest me I can be. Join me!