Health Benefits of Humming

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The topic for this blog post came about through a series of synchronicities.

After picking up my teenage granddaughter Aubrey from school one afternoon, she commented that I always hum in the car. She is right. I typically hum, almost under my breath, whenever I’m driving or riding in the car. Aubrey said she liked that I did. It is a comforting sound and something she has heard me do all of her life.

I thought more about my humming the next day and remembered that I hummed to my children when they were babies and to my grandchildren, to help them fall asleep. I didn’t hum a song. Instead the hum was very low, more of a vibration than a musical sound. And anytime I am alone, I softly hum a song or create my own.

That afternoon, I saw a tweet from a friend of mine on Twitter, now called X. He shared that he also hums and explained that there are actually good reasons to. That led me to do research which resulted this post.

I was surprised by what I discovered. You might be too.

Here are the very real health benefits of humming.Health Benefits of Humming title

The Practice of Humming

When scientists explored the science behind sound healing, they discovered that conscious, self created sounds, such as humming, can literally rearrange molecular structure and bring healing to the body.

This phenomenon is called the humming effect and these are the benefits.

Humming Calms the Nervous System

Humming creates a vibration within the body that in turn triggers positive shifts. One of the most important effects is the stimulation of the vagus nerve which governs the body’s parasympathetic rest and digest states, lowers anxiety and causes the release of powerful relaxation hormones and endorphins.

A stimulated vagus nerve helps us to regulate emotions, ease stress and better handle bouts of depression or anxiety.

Humming also moves you out of “fight or flight” mode and into relaxation.

Humming Boosts Cardiovascular Health

When we hum, the level of nitric oxide in our nasal passages increases greatly. Nitric oxide naturally relaxes constricted blood vessels, lowering stress on the heart and vascular system and reducing blood pressure.

Blood vessels that are more open better deliver oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the body’s organs and tissues which reduces inflammation and supports healing.

Higher levels of nitric oxide also to clear up and prevent sinus infections. My friend on Twitter claims this happened for him.

Nitric oxide also relaxes the muscles in the lungs and widens airways, making breathing easier. And because nitric oxide has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antifungal properties, it boosts the immune system.

Humming Relieves Pain

Authors Jonathan and Andi Goldman, who co-wrote the book The Humming Effect, suggest that humming can help reduce pain, especially when the sound is consciously directed toward the part of the body experiencing discomfort.

Remember that Frequency + Intention = Healing.

For example, if your elbow hurts, visualize your elbow surrounded by a bright, white light as you hum.

To feel better overall, visualize the body’s cells being charged with healing energy as you hum.

Humming Helps You Fall Asleep

Humming causes the body to release the hormone melatonin, which regulates sleep in the body. Right before bedtime, prepare for sleep by softly humming.

This fact both surprised and delighted me. The low humming I instinctively did as I cradled a baby against my chest always soothed them into sleep.

Health Benefits of Humming better sleep
Health benefits of humming – helps you fall asleep

Humming Detoxifies the Body

By allowing greater flow in the lymphatic system, humming helps to cleanse and detoxify the body. A strong lymphatic system helps to defend against infections.

Humming Grounds You

Humming is similar to meditation in that it grounds the body. It also roots the voice in the diaphragm, creating a pathway for expressing yourself authentically.

For grounding, sit comfortably in a chair and allow the vibrational sound to rise and ebb naturally. Allow the humming to take you out of your head and into your body, into yourself.

How to Bring Daily Humming into Your Life

Humming is easy. Anyone can do it. We often hum subconsciously as we work or drive.

For the purpose of healing, consciously hum.

Bring air in through the nose and then hum in the back of the throat as you slowly exhale. The vibration should be low and deep enough to reach the chest. Place your hand on your chest and make sure you can feel the vibration there as you hum. If you can, you are creating the most benefits.

Hum for at least five to ten minutes, two to four times a day.

You can sit quietly and hum, as part of a meditation practice. Or hum while you walk outdoors, do housework, rock a child to sleep or my favorite, while you drive.

Are You a Hummer?

Knowing now the benefits of humming, I am much more intentional about it. It’s become a part of my daily practices for improved health and wellbeing.

Are you a hummer like me? Did you know that you can create greater health with your humming?

Health Benefits of Humming driving
Health benefits of humming – hum while driving or riding in the car


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  1. The benefits of Humming remind me of breathing techniques for healthy reasons too. So, I can see the similarities.

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