Health Revolution

Recently my ten year granddaughter Aubrey announced to me that she wanted to start a revolution. When I asked her for more information about that she answered, “Wait. What’s a revolution?”

It turned out she meant resolution. With the new year quickly approaching, she wanted to set some goals for herself, make a list of resolutions.

I like the way this girl thinks. And actually, her choice of words provided thoughts for pondering.

Health Revolution

Resolution vs Revolution

Resolutions, which are very common this time of year, are strong decisions to do or not do something. They are also actions that solve problems or resolve conflicts. Common health resolutions include:
Losing weight
Exercising more
Improving diet
Sleeping better
Changing a lifestyle
Incorporating a new activity, such as yoga or dance

A revolution is a dramatic, wide-reaching change in the way something works or in a person’s ideas about a subject. Common revolutions involve:
Overthrow of governments
Change in social order
Radical restructuring
Shake up or shake down

The more I’ve thought about it, the more I think Aubrey’s original choice of words is correct. It brings with it the power to create change.

It’s time for a health revolution!

Health Revolution

Staging a Revolution

This is a new year, and that means a fresh start. More goals are set in January than in any other month of the year. And no wonder. No matter what happened last year, when January 1 arrives it feels like we get another chance, another go at creating the life we desire. The days and weeks ahead seem full of possibilities and potential.

Health related goals typically top the list, with weight loss being number one. Sadly, many goals or resolutions are forgotten by the end of the month. The excitement of shifting habits or trying a new way of doing things fades. Life itself can get in the way and we get too busy to stay on track.

What if we staged a revolution? Instead of a list of goals, what if we crafted radical changes that had wide-reaching effects, improving health for the long term, rather than giving quick results that can be just as quickly lost? What might that do for our lives?

A revolution involves determination to see an old way of doing things completely change. It requires sacrifice, sometimes, and big plans, and the gumption to carry out those plans. And a revolution taps into the willingness to do whatever it takes.

Weight loss, while a worthy goal, is often too vague a term, too broad an idea to fight for when the going gets tough, or simply boring. However, releasing weight to prevent diabetes, or shedding pounds to have the energy to play with the kids, those begin to be more than mere goals. To willingly shake things up, turn life upside down and make radical changes that create a life worth living….that’s revolutionary.

Start with a goal…and ramp it up. What needs to shift, to bring optimal health and well being? What is the long term benefit from that change?

Health Revolution

Creating a Health Revolution

Two and half years ago, my goal was to relieve chronic pain and avoid being in a wheelchair. I was ready for radical change…ready to do anything that would increase my health AND my wellbeing. Selecting a 1200 calorie a day diet wasn’t enough. Drinking more water wasn’t going to do it. I needed big changes. I needed a revolution. Switching to a plant based lifestyle catapulted me into a totally different kind of existence. It has been revolutionary, indeed.

This year? I’m focusing on liver health and the continued detoxification of my body. The revolutionary battles I’m willing to fight include removing toxins from my home and limiting use of plastics, aluminum, and chemicals. Finding alternatives to what I am accustomed to using is my game plan. While removing toxic substances from my home and life, I am getting to know my liver, thanks to Liver Rescue by Anthony William. Just as I am removing toxins from my home, I am removing them from my overburdened liver and body as well.

That’s my 2019 Health Revolution.

What’s yours? What needs to drastically shift in your life, to radically improve your health and wellbeing, your quality of life? And what is the very first step you can take? Every journey, every revolution begins with a single step. What will yours be?

Join me this year, in a health revolution. I’ll be offering tips, recipes, reviews, interviews, foods, herbs, supplements and encouragement, to keep us all marching forward. It is onward and upward, brave souls. And the stakes are high. Our very lives depend on what we do to care for ourselves and live at optimal wellness. I’m willing to fight for my health. Are you?

Health Revolution


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