Day 1: What Did I Eat?

In a departure from sharing about different supplements on Sundays, today I began a 7 Day Raw Food Cleanse. For the next week I’ll be sharing menus and recipes, health tips and what did I eat days, and report on how I am doing.

I did a 28 day healing cleanse in 2016, which ultimately launched me into a plant based lifestyle that brought great healing to me. I’m looking forward to experiencing this 7 day raw food cleanse, eating only uncooked fruits and veggies.

Day 1 What Did I Eat?

Why a Raw Food Cleanse?

Fruits and vegetables in their raw state provide the body with the highest level of nutrition in the form most easily absorbed. Nutrients flood the body, cleansing, nourishing and strengthening every system.

The digestive system processes uncooked fruits and vegetables quickly. These foods also contain live enzymes which smooths digestion even more. When the body isn’t expending energy processing heavy fats, proteins, additives, chemicals and allergens, it is free to rebuild itself, on a cellular level.

A raw food cleanse allows me to get to know myself in a deeper way. I discover how my body reacts to certain foods, and even more important, how it responds when other foods are eliminated.

Day 1 What Did I Eat?

Day 1 Morning

I stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies yesterday, making meal prep today simple.


8 oz lemon water, using freshly squeezed lemon juice

16 oz celery juice (1 bunch of celery through the juicer)


20 oz fruit smoothie (1 banana, fresh aloe vera gel, 2 cups of frozen fruit that included strawberries, wild blueberries, blackberries and dark cherries)

Snack Apple slices

Day 1 What Did I Eat?

Day 1 Afternoon


Spinach Soup (from Anthony William)


2 cups grape or cherry tomatoes

1 stalk celery

1 garlic clove, minced

1 orange, juiced

4 cups fresh spinach

2 fresh basil leaves

1/2 avocado (optional)

Blend tomatoes, celery, garlic and orange juice in blender, until smooth. Add spinach, a handful at a time, blending well. Add basil and avocado, if desired, and blend until creamy. Serve immediately. Makes 1 serving.

Top with raw mushrooms, fresh herbs, or zucchini or cucumber noodles.

I added fresh dill to my spinach soup and topped it with raw mushrooms and more dill and basil. It was delicious. I like that the recipe can be changed up simply by adding different herbs or veggies.

Day 1 What Did I Eat?

Day 1 Evening


Zucchini Noodles

Raw Marinara Sauce

Run 1 – 2 zucchini through a spiralizer, creating zoodles.

I tried adapting a marinara recipe, making it raw. It was good, however I want to adjust it. I’ll post the recipe when I perfect it! I used two small zucchini and that made a HUGE pile of zoodles. One zucchini would have been sufficient.


Bowl of mixed berries (fresh strawberries and blackberries, frozen wild blueberries)

16 oz hot herbal tea (immune support tea from Yogi)

The first day is completed. I’m full, and satisfied, with no hunger or cravings. I drank plenty of water, to keep hydrated. I’m looking forward to trying new recipes this week and giving my digestive system a break while nourishing my body at a cellular level.

My intention is to complete a 7 day raw food cleanse and then decide whether to continue for another week…and so on. I’m excited to see how my body responds.

Day 1 What Did I Eat?

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The Powerful Benefits of Spinach

My first awareness of this dark green leafy vegetable came as a result of cartoons about that feisty sailor, Popeye. When he emptied a can of spinach into his mouth he instantly transformed into a strongman with muscular biceps.

Perhaps because I was inspired, or perhaps because my mother liked spinach, I grew to like it too, cooked and served with vinegar. I was an adult before I ever tried eating raw spinach. What a difference between fresh, crisp spinach and the stringy stuff that came out of a can. My appreciation for this vegetable increased.

The Powerful Benefits of Spinach

What is Spinach?

Spinach is a leafy vegetable that is believed to have originated in Persia, and is now commonly grown in China and the US. It belongs to the amaranth family and is related to beets and quinoa. In my area of the Midwest, it is considered an early spring crop, easily grown in home gardens.

High in fiber, which aids digestion, spinach is also a rich source of vitamins A, B6, B9, C, E and K. It’s a great source of iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium, nitrates, lutein and antioxidants.

The Powerful Benefits of Spinach

Health Benefits of Spinach

Including more spinach in the diet brings these health benefits:

• Creates an alkaline environment in the body and nourishes the nervous system.

• Removes jelly like viral wastes from the liver that causes mystery weight gain and heart flutters.

• Rejuvenates the skin and helps to heal eczema and psoriasis.

• Improves eyesight and prevents age related macular degeneration.

• Prevents osteoporosis, atherosclerosis and strokes.

• Maintains normal blood pressure.

• Boosts metabolism

• Reduces oxidative stress which slows aging and helps to prevent diabetes and cancer.

• And it does, indeed, strengthen muscles.

The Powerful Benefits of Spinach

How to Enjoy Spinach

Spinach is most beneficial when eaten raw. Combine with other veggies and fruits in salads, add to juices and smoothies, or create spinach pesto.

As one who embraces a plant based lifestyle and follows Medical Medium protocols, an extremely tasty and beneficial way to enjoy this powerful veggie is in raw spinach soup. Combined with other fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, celery, cilantro and garlic, and the surprise ingredient, oranges, this soup can be customized by topping with freshly chopped herbs. Spinach soup is a mainstay of Anthony’s 28 Day Healing Cleanse, and for good reason. It provides an incredible boost to the overall health of the body.

Which is why I featured spinach today for Food Friday. I’m about to begin a 7 Day Cleanse, eating only raw foods for the next week. I may very well continue on for another week, or three or four. Spinach will play a vital role in my cleanse.

I won’t develop huge biceps like Popeye, but like him, consuming spinach daily I will be strong, and full of health and vitality.

The Powerful Benefits of Spinach Spinach Soup. Photo from the Medical Medium website. Find recipe HERE. Or order Thyroid Healing below.

I am an Amazon Affiliate and may earn a commission on purchases, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for considering making a purchase of this product, or any other items, through my Amazon link! 

Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Every morning, I enjoy a fruit smoothie for breakfast. I alternate between regular smoothies full of a variety of fresh and frozen fruits, and the heavy metals detox smoothie. It contains additional ingredients such as Hawaiian spirulina, Atlantic dulse and barley grass juice powder.

Occasionally, after a long day, or when I am craving something cold, I have a second smoothie for the evening meal. These smoothie bowls combine the goodness of fruit with fun, healthy toppings. It’s like having dessert for dinner!

Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Easy Fruit Smoothie Bowls

Follow these simple steps to create a smoothie bowl.

• Begin with an assortment of frozen, unsweetened fruits. My smoothie base tonight combined frozen bananas, strawberries, mangoes, peaches and pineapples. Using frozen fruit creates a thicker smoothie. Blend 4-6 cups of frozen fruit, adding small amounts of water or almond milk, until a smooth thick mixture forms.

Fruit Smoothie Bowl

• Spoon smoothie mixture into bowls. For a firmer texture, pop bowls into the freezer for 30 minutes. I rarely do that, preferring to top my bowl and eat it right away.

Fruit Smoothie Bowl

• Top smoothie bowl with an assortment of fresh or frozen fruits, unsweetened coconut, nuts, seeds, dulse, spirulina or drizzles of raw honey or maple syrup.

I topped my bowl with freshly sliced banana, frozen wild blueberries, unsweetened coconut, walnut pieces and chia seeds.

Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Meal Replacement

Replacing a meal with a fruit smoothie bowl gives the digestive system a break, as fruits are so easily digested. The nutrients are assimilated quickly, nourishing the body and supporting the immune system.

And variations are endless! Try different combinations of favorite fruits, nuts, seeds and even herbs and edible flowers. Be creative. Play with your food. Then enjoy this smoothie bowl that tastes like a cold creamy dessert. Enjoy, without one bit of guilt or regret!

Fruit Smoothie Bowl