Olive Leaf

I have many associations with the olive tree. The olive leaf, along with the olive branch, has long been known as a symbol for peace. In addition, I was familiar with the health benefits of the fruit of the tree, the olive. And I’ve had the pleasure of walking in the olive groves of Tuscany in Italy, and sampling cold pressed olive oil while there. I did not know, until recently, that the olive LEAF has many health boosting benefits as well.

Olive Leaf

The leaf of the olive tree is a powerful and effective medicinal that contains tremendous healing properties for the immune, cardiovascular, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and lymphatic systems. It is particularly beneficial in fighting viruses and bacteria in the body such as shingles, herpes, E. coli, salmonella, staphylococcus, and Klebsiella pneumonia, and it can help to wipe out colds and flu viruses faster than most over the counter medications.

This leaf can significantly lower blood pressure and maintain it at a healthy level. It contains a compound called Oleuropein which helps to prevent the constriction of arteries, increase blood flow, and improve functioning of the heart. It also helps to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and prevent the risk of strokes and heart disease.

Olive Leaf

The olive leaf has been known to benefit those suffering with diabetes, high cholesterol, bronchitis, gastritis, and auto-immune disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, addison disease, guillain-barre syndrome, arthritis, colitis, lupus, celiac disease, eczema, scleroderma, psoriasis, cardiomyopathy, graves disease, and HIV.

Plus, it contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties which help to improve circulation, reduce swelling, and increase energy and flexibility in the body. It is also a great digestive aid and helps to remove excess acidity from the body. (Info from Medical Medium website. Visit his site HERE.)

Olive leaf extract can be found online or at your local health food store in liquid, tincture, cream, and phyto-cap form. Dried olive leaf can be found in tea and capsule form. I take olive leaf in capsule form although I’m very interested in obtaining dried leaves for tea.

I still associate olive leaves with peace. Now, I also think of them as an incredible ally as they deliver health and wellness to my body.

Olive Leaf

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