The cucumber was best known to me, pre-plant based lifestyle, as a pickle that had not undergone its transformation yet. I rarely ate fresh raw cucumbers as they tended to upset my sensitive digestive system, giving me indigestion.

Oh, how things have changed.


Cucumbers are wonderfully hydrating. Most people have chronic dehydration, and don’t realize it. They attempt to quench their thirst with sodas or sweet tea, which only worsens the dehydration. In addition, being chronically dehydrated has a negative effect on health.

Cucumbers have the power to hydrate the body, at a cellular level. They have cooling properties as well, making them excellent at rejuvenating a hot, stagnant liver. In fact, Anthony William writes, in Life Changing Foods, that when eaten on a daily basis, cucumbers can reverse liver damage, dialing back 10 to 15 years of toxic exposure to heavy metals, pesticides and a poor diet.


Fresh cucumber juice is the most rejuvenating drink in the world. Its electrolyte compounds nourish and cool down overtaxed adrenal glands and overheated kidneys that are struggling with filtering out toxic debris. Drinking cucumber juice also helps to reduce fevers in adults and children.

Cucumbers provide vitamins A, B and C, traces of amino acids glycine and glutamine, highly active enzymes and coenzymes, and more than 50 trace minerals. They soothe anxiety and neurological conditions and support the digestive system. Cucumbers flush Epstein Barr virus neurotoxins out of the bloodstream, hydrate the lymphatic system, and cleanse the thyroid.


As someone who used to only eat cucumbers in pickle form, I have greatly expanded my appreciation for this veggie, that’s actually a fruit. I’ve included them in my diet in multiple ways this week. I created a cucumber, tomato, onion and dill salad that I’ve enjoyed all week. I included chopped cucumber in a veggie bowl, topped with a homemade sauce.

And thinly sliced cucumber graced a glass of water. This evening I juiced a couple of cucumbers and carried my glass out into the garden to sip on as I water container plants. I purchase organic cucumber, and leave them unpeeled. If purchasing regular cucumbers, peel them before using.


Which reminds me, I have cucumber plants growing in my raised bed vegetable garden. This is my second summer to grow them. The plants are prolific and will produce an abundance of cucumbers. I will add those cucumbers to salads and veggie bowls, and make raw noodles, flavored water and juice, hydrating and rejuvenating my body, without any digestive distress. My body has healed.

Not one of those cucumbers will become a pickle!


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