Today’s featured food is considered one of the most powerful, health changing foods available to us. It’s interesting because until I connected with Anthony William, the Medical Medium, I paid little attention to celery, which is actually an herb. As a child, the only way I would eat celery was as sticks filled with cheese spread or peanut butter. Later in life I definitely associated it with health but in a somewhat negative way. Celery was low calorie diet food. Fairly tasteless. Bland. Unappealing.

Wow, have my feelings about celery changed!


And here’s why. One of the first changes I made to my diet, even before reading the book Medical Medium and switching to a plant based lifestyle, was to drink celery juice on an empty stomach each morning. I read an article Anthony had posted on Facebook about the many health benefits of drinking 16 ounces of celery juice daily and I was eager to experience those benefits.

Celery is a powerful anti-inflammatory that starves out unproductive bacteria, yeast, mold, fungus and viruses that are present in the body and flushes the toxins and debris out of the liver and intestinal tract. At the same time celery helps good bacteria to thrive.

Celery alkalizes the gut. It contains more than 60 varieties of sodium and trace minerals that work together to raise the body’s pH level while getting rid of toxic acids. At the same time, celery has enzymes that raise hydrochloric acid in the stomach helping food to digest better and preventing ammonia in the gut, which is the cause for “leaky gut” syndrome and acid reflux.


In addition to restoring the entire digestive system, celery improves kidney function, feeds and supports electrical impulse activity and neuron function in the brain, hydrates the body at a cellular level, offers stress assistance, repairs DNA and rejuvenates the skin.

Anthony recently listed celery, in the form of celery juice, as the #1 health food and the greatest healing tonic of all time.

Celery juice is easy to prepare. Trim one large bunch of celery and run the stalks through a juicer. One large bunch typically creates about 16 ounces of juice. Don’t add anything else to the morning celery juice and drink it freshly juiced, on an empty stomach, for the greatest benefit. Later in the day enjoy another juice, if desired, combining celery with other fruits or veggies.

So, what difference has celery juice made in my life?

Drinking celery juice daily has restored my digestive system. I’ve struggled with digestive issues since childhood, suffering from stomach aches and pains, a sensitive intestinal tract, irritable bowel syndrome, gall bladder pain and severe acid reflux. My indigestion was so bad that I kept bottles of anti-acids in the car, next to my chair in the living room and on my bedside table. All of those disorders have cleared up.

In addition, celery juice keeps me hydrated, gives my skin an incredible glow, and eases inflammation in my joints and throughout my body. It is, truly, a magical elixir. People ask me what it tastes like. Celery juice tastes like celery. Depending on the celery…I buy organic…it can be very mild or have a slightly bitter taste. If you don’t care for the taste, start with 2 ounces of celery juice or 4, and work up to more. It’s that important. Don’t let taste keep you from reaping the restorative health benefits of this amazing drink.

I confess that a couple of times, in the past 22 months, I’ve gotten lazy about juicing first thing in the day, and stopped the celery juice. I’ve regretted it. I can feel the changes in my digestive system and see the difference in my skin, when I don’t drink celery juice. I “got over” the perceived inconvenience of juicing by timing how long it took me to clean up the juicer afterward, because that was what I disliked. It takes me one minute to clean up. Sixty seconds is not too great a price to pay for the MANY health benefits I receive from juicing celery.

Just do it, I tell myself every morning. I don’t pause to think about it. I just do it. I’m suggesting the same thing to you. Celery juice…life altering, health changing, inflammation busting celery juice. Just. Do. It.


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