Hawaiian Spirulina

Today’s featured supplement was new to me when I began a plant based diet. Spirulina is a spiral shaped microalgae that grows naturally in the wild, in warm, fresh water lakes. Spirulina is also cultivated and harvested in man made reservoirs, such as those established in Hawaii. The algae’s blue green color gives the water in lakes or reservoirs a vivid greenish hue.

Hawaiian Spirulina

Spirulina, preferably from Hawaii, is considered a superfood, high in protein, minerals and vitamins such as B12 and K. This algae contains all the amino acids that are essential for health and it is a naturally rich source of iodine. It is also high in omega 3.

There are many health benefits associated with spirulina including reducing pain sensitivity, supporting the liver, relieving allergy symptoms and boosting energy and the immune system.

Hawaiian Spirulina Spirulina farms in Hawaii.

In his book Thyroid Healing, Anthony William recommends including this supplement because it is an incredible ally in rebuilding the central nervous system and it removes heavy metals such as mercury and toxic copper from the liver, reproductive system, intestinal tract, thyroid and brain. And eliminating these metals gets rid of some of the favorite fuels that the Epstein Barr virus feeds on.

Further, spirulina helps the thyroid by feeding healthy thyroid tissue, which has a restorative affect on the gland. And the algae’s iodine content acts as an antiseptic against EBV in the thyroid, reducing the viral load so it can heal. Spirulina can also reduce the growth of nodules, tumors and cysts on the thyroid, both cancerous and benign.

Hawaiian spirulina is available in capsule or powder form. I’ve taken both. However, I find the powdered form easy to include in my morning smoothies or smoothie bowls. I add a heaping teaspoon of the powder. It is virtually tasteless in my smoothie and because I also include wild blueberries with spirulina, the dark color doesn’t turn my drink green. The powder can be added to juices or stirred into water and consumed that way. There are intriguing recipes on Pinterest that show healthy treats such as spirulina coconut pie or ice cream.

However you prefer to take spirulina, include it daily to bring its amazing healing and protective properties into your life.

Hawaiian Spirulina

You can purchase Hawaiian spirulina at health food stores, health conscious grocery stores or by clicking the link below.

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