Like bananas, grapes are often overlooked as a healthy food choice, due to their natural sweetness. They can be judged as being too high in calories, carbs or sugar and therefore they are eliminated from a health conscious diet. However, also like bananas, it is unwise to dismiss this juicy, powerful fruit.


Grapes contain phytochemicals that are critical for kidney health. Those phytochemicals bind onto wastes that the kidneys have difficulty filtering. Grapes are excellent for the liver as well, helping to cleanse away debris, processed food and by products that can clog up lobules in the liver.

Powerful micronutrients in grape skins eliminate parasites, mold and unproductive fungus from the intestinal tract. And antioxidants enable grapes to help fight and prevent most forms of cancer.


Additionally, grapes expel radiation from the body, draw out DDT and toxic heavy metals from the liver, kidneys, spleen and other organs, and they are a potent antiviral for autoimmune disorders. And finally, grapes are an amazing energy boosting food.

I had the joy and pleasure of visiting vineyards in Italy last year. Our tour group learned about the care and tasks involved in growing the best grapes, at Fattoria Il Poggio, near Montecarlo in the Tuscany region. What a beautiful sight, those rows and rows of grape vines, with the mountains in the background. After our al fresco dinner at Fattoria Il Poggio, complete with wines made from their carefully tended grapes, I left with a new appreciation for this fruit.

Grapes can be added to juices, smoothies and salads, dried into raisins, or…my favorite…lightly rinsed and eaten as a snack. In Life Changing Foods, by Anthony William, the chapter on grapes comes with a fun and simple recipe for grape slushies, using frozen grapes and coconut water. This cold drink reminds me of the snow cones I used to enjoy, in my favorite flavor, grape. This is a healthy, wholesome version of that summer treat.

Anthony has included a fresh grape jelly recipe as well, made in the food processor. It has the added health benefits of raw honey and a squeeze of lemon. I will be trying out this recipe for the first time on Tuesday. I think it will make a great topping for frozen banana ice cream!

Such an unpretentious food packed with healing properties. That’s the grape. Enjoy any of the varieties…concord, red or white….and reap good health.


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