Cat’s Claw

Today for Sunday Supplement I’m sharing about one of my top four essentials, Cat’s Claw. I discovered its benefits before switching to a plant based diet. However I now know more that ever that this herb is extremely crucial to my health.

Cat’s Claw, so named for its claw shaped thorns, is a woody vine that grows in the jungles of the Amazon. I have long known that it eases inflammation in the body, and initially began taking it for that reason. However, the healing properties of this plant extend far beyond fighting inflammation.

According to Anthony William, author of Life Changing Foods, Cat’s Claw is one of the most powerful herbs available for reversing chronic illnesses and diseases. It’s antiviral properties make it ideal for eliminating viruses, such as Epstein Barr, shingles and strep, along with bacteria and parasites.

In fact, Cat’s Claw can aid in alleviating almost any symptom, from digestive to neurological. Because of its bioactive pharma-compounds, it can combat many illnesses more effectively than antibiotics, and the body does not build up a resistance to the herb.

Use Cat’s Claw for any of these disorders: all types of cancer, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, ALS, migraines, digestive issues, lymphoma, kidney infections and all viruses.

It also combats inflammation of all types, aches and pains, tinnitus, tingles and numbness, headaches, jaw pain, spasms, brain fog, heart palpitations, dizziness, muscle aches, joint pain and restless legs. It supports and strengthens the body’s immune system.

If you only took two or three supplements a day, I recommend that Cat’s Claw be one of them. It is that good for you, and that crucial to continuing good health.

Cat’s Claw can be taken in tincture or capsule form, or drank as a hot tea. I buy capsules but I’d like to try it as a tea. I don’t know if Missouri’s climate would support this jungle plant, but how fun it would be to grow the vine with yellow flowers in my herb garden.

One thing is certain for me. I do not allow myself to run out of Cat’s Claw!

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