Final Day of Juicing

I did it! Today was my final day in a week of juicing. After seven days of drinking freshly made fruit and vegetable juices, I spent time reflecting today on the experience and the benefits.

Final Day of Juicing

Juicing proved to be a very good experience for me. I fell into an easy routine that ensured a smooth flow to the day. Each morning began with warm lemon water, fresh celery juice and a fruit smoothie. The rest of the day I sipped on delicious juices for my meals.

I quickly developed the habit of four juices a day, including the morning celery juice. I kept the juicer set up on the kitchen counter and rinsed it well between juices so it was always ready to go. I used a medium sized glass bowl to hold my prepared fruits and veggies so that what I needed was within easy reach.

Final Day of Juicing
Final Day of Juicing
The benefits that I experienced include feeling lighter, leaner, stronger and healthier (I will weigh in the morning and update with any weight loss *update-I lost 6.4 pounds), increased energy, improved clarity, clear skin, incredible sleep each night and waking rested, hydration, and a flatter, firmer stomach. Because I wasn’t spending time cooking, I practiced yoga daily and had time for more fun activities. I wasn’t hungry between juices and gave up drinking unsweetened black tea by day 3, choosing to drink water instead.

I also enjoyed the creative aspect of trying out new juice blends and creating a couple of my own recipes.  There is a sense of accomplishment too, in setting out on this journey and completing it. The level of self-care I practiced increased feelings of tenderness and compassion, toward myself and also toward others.

The only negatives during the week were frequent trips to the bathroom, due to drinking so much liquid nourishment, and several additional trips to the market to purchase more fresh fruits and veggies.

I had a repeat juice for lunch today, the Grapefruit Margarita, pictured above with the recipe. This crisp light blend was probably my all time favorite this week.

Tonight I fixed two different juices for dinner.

Final Day of Juicing
Final Day of Juicing
This juice was Greg’s favorite this week. He much preferred fruit juice blends over veggie ones. The lemon gives this one a nice citrus punch. I left out the ginger for him, as he doesn’t care for the taste.

Final Day of Juicing
Final Day of Juicing
The juice I prepared for myself was my own creation, born of necessity. In the refrigerator I had half a cucumber, a small amount of kale, and a bit of ginger that I needed to use. I also had one pear remaining. I decided to create a juice using the leftovers I had, hence the playful name. I included carrots and a sweet potato as well.

The orange colored juice was full of flavor and not too sweet, with a pleasant kick of ginger.

I intend to incorporate juicing into my plant based lifestyle. I desire to juice one day a week, and occasionally replace a meal or snack with a juice during the week.

I am very grateful for this weeklong experience. Juicing not only provided nutrients at a cellular level, it connected me more deeply with my body and its needs. I learned to listen better and respond.

My body is currently letting me know that a week of juice is enough. Since yesterday I have been thinking about some of my favotite plant based recipes. I look forward to easing back into eating fruits, nuts, brown rice and cooked and fresh vegetables over the next couple of days. There is a pot of lentil curry calling my name!

Final Day of Juicing
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    1. Let me know how you like them! Pinterest has lots of recipes.

      I started off saving the pulp to try making broth and quickly abandoned that idea. It’s going into a compost bin now. There are recipes on Pinterest for cooking with the pulp.

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