Energy Boosting Foods

I spent 14 hours riding in a car yesterday, and went 26 hours without sleep. It was all for good. I attended an out of state funeral and wanted to be there, to honor the one who passed and to offer love and support to his family. I would make that choice again.

As a result of the last 36 hours, I am a bit low energy today, even though I rested well last night. This is when I used to exacerbate my condition by drinking high caffeine sodas and consuming sugary foods, in an attempt to raise my energy. Or worse, I’d grab an energy drink at the convenience store. While these strategies might temporarily give me a boost, my body would crash again as soon as the sugar high wore off. And, these choices were poor for my health.

Energy Boosting Foods
Having embraced a plant based diet, I am much more aware of my body and health and my needs. No more sugary foods or drinks full of caffeine and carbonation. As I contemplated breakfast this morning, I decided to forego my usual smoothie, and followed the promptings of my body.

I tossed into a bowl whatever drew me…chopped apples, bananas, and cara cara oranges…then added celery and roasted cashews for crunch. Finally I chopped up several dates, and sprinkled those on top.

It was as I was adding the dates that I realized what I was doing. I was creating, instinctively, intuitively, a breakfast that was not only tasty and good for me, it also contained food that naturally restores energy. I was nourishing myself back into optimal well being.

Energy Boosting Foods
Here is a breakdown of energy boosting foods to reach for:

Apples – antiviral and anti-inflammatory, this powerful fruit detoxifies the brain and organs while regulating blood sugar, hydrating cells and easing fatigue.

Celery – alkalizing and anti-inflammatory, this veggie restores the adrenals, calms an overactive mind and clears away brain fog.

Dates – high in bioactive minerals, potassium and fruit sugar, dates refuel the body and ease tired muscles, and support the adrenal glands to help the body handle life’s stresses and challenges.

Oranges – this fruit, high in vitamin C, flavonoids and limonoids, fights viruses and restores health to the body while protecting it from harm and boosting energy.

Bananas – powerfully antiviral and full of antioxidants, this fruit not only fights disease, it also calms anxiety and soothes stress, regulates blood sugar and supports the adrenal glands.

Cashews – high in antioxidants and minerals, this nut is packed with protein and good fats, giving a healthy boost to the body while providing important nutrients.

Other energy boosters include raw honey, apricots and asparagus. 

Energy Boosting Foods
A combo of apples, bananas, celery and dates is especially beneficial, as they all ease adrenal fatigue. These small glands, located above the kidneys, produce hormones critical to health. Stress or challenges, such as losing a loved one, giving birth or working a difficult job, overtax the adrenal glands, creating adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue causes mood swings, depression and tiredness, which can become extreme.

Even the mild stress of my trip…long hours in the car, inactivity, lack of sleep and experiencing grief…affected my adrenal glands. My body knew which foods to consume to restore my adrenal glands and improve my over all health and well being.

I could feel my energy shifting upwards as I ate my big bowl of fruit, celery and cashews. Best of all, there was no sugar crash later. I have sustained a higher level of energy throughout the day. Plus, my body benefits greatly from the nutrient rich foods I consumed, beyond raising my energy levels.

Why reach for an energy drink, when I can grab an apple and some dates, an orange or a banana? My body certainly thanks me for paying attention and supporting its needs, rewarding me with glowing health and abundant energy. High five, me!

Energy Boosting Foods
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